10th LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting & Open House

Vancouver, British Columbia
Monday, June 04, 2018
10th LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting & Open House
Monday, June 04, 2018 8:00 AM -
Thursday, June 07, 2018 7:00 PM (Pacific Time)

Hyatt Regency Vancouver
(604) 683-1234
655 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2R7

Map and Directions

Please join us for the 10th LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting & Open House in Vancouver, Canada.

Please see an outline of the agenda below. For the most up-to-date agenda, please visit https://lora-alliance.org/events/lora-alliance-10th-all-members-meeting-open-house

Please select from the below registration types.

Sponsor, ​Contributor, ​Institutional ​Members ​($350) ​register ​to ​attend ​the ​Committee ​Working ​Sessions ​on ​Monday, ​June ​4 ​and ​Tuesday, ​June ​5, ​the ​All ​Members ​Meeting ​& ​Market ​Place ​on ​Wednesday, ​June ​6 ​and ​the ​Open ​House ​& ​Market ​Place ​on ​Thursday, ​June ​7 ​or ​register ​to ​attend ​the ​AMM ​& ​OH ​only ​($250). ​ 

Adopter ​Members ​($250) ​register ​to ​attend ​the ​All ​Members ​Meeting ​& ​Market ​Place ​on ​Wednesday, ​June ​6 ​and ​the ​Open ​House ​& ​Market ​Place ​on ​Thursday, ​June ​7. ​ 

Members ​- ​Open ​House ​Only ​($150) ​register ​to ​attend ​the ​Open ​House ​& ​Market ​Place ​on ​Thursday, ​June ​7. 

Open ​House ​Guests ​($150) ​register ​to ​attend ​the ​Open ​House ​& ​Market ​Place ​on ​Thursday, ​June ​7. ​
Please register by May 25, 2018.


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