ART OF LIVING: Mastering the Virtuous LIfe (2018-2019)

Denver, Colorado
Monday, September 10, 2018
ART OF LIVING: Mastering the Virtuous LIfe (2018-2019)
Monday, September 10, 2018 - Monday, May 20, 2019

Denver Catholic Catechetical School
1300 S. Steele Street
Denver, Colorado 80210
United States

Welcome to the the Denver Catholic Biblical and Catechetical Schools (part of the St. John Vianney Lay Division)!!

This class will meet on Monday mornings, 9:00am - 11:00am, at:

    St John Paul II Center, Room 123

    1300 S Steele St.

    Denver CO 80210

Due to construction at the JPII Center, you might find

our PARKING GUIDE helpful.

FREE Information Sessions: August 6, August 27 - 9:00am

In his address to catechists concerning the New Evangelization, then Cardinal Ratzinger stated the following regarding the relationship between evangelization & happiness: “To evangelize means: to show this path [to happiness] – to teach the art of living.” The notion of an art to living that we are to pass on to others as the source of happiness has been lost in our post-modern culture that denies any certainty of happiness from a singular way of life. With this course, we will explore what the Catholic Intellectual Tradition has articulated as the art of living, the true path to happiness.    

This class is a comprehensive presentation of the classical worldview for ethics, understood as the teleological pursuit of happiness through the acquisition and practice of the natural and supernatural virtues. The class will be taught from the standpoint of both nature with the philosophers, preeminently articulated by Aristotle, and, this being the natural foundation to the grace-filled life of Christ in the soul, supernatural with the Church, preeminently articulated by St. Thomas Aquinas. It is meant to propose to the students a different understanding of the moral life than that of modernity and then systematically march through each aspect of such, detailing what each is and how all are interrelated, so that the student comes to understand that there is a rationally intelligible craft to life that will fulfill their telos.

  • The Art of Living
  • Natural Human Anthropology
  • Creation
  • Man's Last End
  • Human Acts
  • The Passions
  • Virtue & Vice
  • The Cardinal Virtues
  • Law
  • Friendship
  • Grace
  • The Theological Virtues
  • Action of the Holy Spirit
  • Beatitudes
  • Evangelical Counsels
  • Morality in Modernity

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