KCE Israel 2018

Sunday, September 16, 2018


KCE Israel 2018
Sunday, September 16, 2018 - Sunday, September 23, 2018


Please email tpapke@executivevents.com to be placed on a waitlist for the KCE Israel Trip.

Agenda - Updated

Sunday Sept 16

Arrivals and check in to TRYP hotel

07:30 pm Dinner at the TRYP hotel dining room

09:00 pm Visiting Rav Ashlag and Rav Brandwein

Monday Sept 17

09:30 Visiting Rachel the Matriarch at Beit Lechem

10:30 am Visiting Hevron

01:00 pm Lunch at Tzomet HaGush Winery

02:30 pm Visiting the Kotel

04:00 pm Visiting the Kotel Tunnels

07:30 pm Dinner at the TRYP hotel

Tuesday Sept 18

09:00 am leaving the Hotel after check out

10:00 am Visiting Tel Aviv Centre bookstore

11:00 am Leaving for guided tour of Tel Aviv and Jaffa

03:00 pm Meal before Fast at the Cinema Hotel

Wednesday Sept 19

Yom Kippur

Thursday Sept 20

09:00 am Leaving to the North

11:30 am Arriving at Aba Chalafta

12:30 pm Lunch at Meatballim restaurant

02:30 pm Visiting Amuka

04:00 pm Visiting Rabbi Shimon in Meron

05:30 pm Visiting Idra

06:30 pm Arriving to the Yarden Estate Hotel

08:15 pm Leaving for the Wedding

Friday Sept 21

09:00 am Shacharit and connection at the Rav

12:00 pm Lunch at Gallo restaurant


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