Waukesha, Wisconsin
Wednesday, May 01, 2019
Wednesday, May 01, 2019 7:00 AM -
Friday, May 03, 2019 5:00 PM (Central Time)

Waukesha County Expo Grounds
1000 Northview Road
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188
United States

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Waukesha ​County ​Emergency ​Management ​in ​conjunction ​with ​Wisconsin ​Emergency ​Management ​(WEM), ​the ​Wisconsin ​National ​Guard ​(WING) ​and ​United ​States ​Northern ​Command ​(NORTHCOM) ​invites ​you ​to ​attend ​SIMCOM-Vital ​Connection (VC) ​2019 ​at ​the ​Waukesha ​County ​Expo ​Grounds ​and ​Surrounding ​Area ​from ​May ​1-3, ​2019. 

In addition to the main event in Waukesha County, SIMCOM-VC 2019 will again have an alternate location.  Grant County (Lancaster) in the WEM Southwest Region will host  the mini SIMCOM-VC 2019 at the new Grant County Sheriff's Dept on Thursday, May 2nd (Day 2).  Participants will check in at 0630hrs, and exercise from 0800-1430hrs (8a-2:30p) with a hot wash to follow.  The focus in the morning will be on traditional communication within the participants/platforms from the SW Region only, and the afternoon on long range and redundant communications with those participants/platforms in Waukesha  County.

The ​SIMCOM-VC 2019 ​exercise ​is ​an ​opportunity ​to ​educate, ​coordinate ​and ​test ​mobile ​emergency ​communication ​platform ​capabilities ​from ​federal, ​state, ​tribal, ​local ​jurisdictions ​and ​amateur ​volunteers. ​Join ​us ​at ​SIMCOM-VC ​2019 ​and ​exercise ​your ​mobile ​communications ​assets ​and ​capabilities, ​develop ​relationships ​and ​understand ​capabilities ​of ​other ​agencies ​before ​they ​are ​needed ​in ​future ​emergencies ​or ​incidents.

SIMCOM, an HSEEP compliant functional exercise, is intended to display, educate, coordinate and test mobile emergency communications platforms from federal, state, local, tribal, military, volunteer and private organizations. 

SIMCOM provides an opportunity for all participants to exercise their systems across organizational lines and tiers of government responders.  In addition, all of the participants will have the opportunity to share information on mobile communications assets, develop relationships, understand the capabilities of other agencies and share lessons learned.  The networking accomplished during SIMCOM builds the groundwork that pays immediate dividends in real world emergencies or incidents.

If you are bringing a platform, please download and complete the Platform Data Sheet  (click here for blank).  Then UPLOAD your completed sheet during registration or email the completed sheet to:

A reminder that if your agency wants to have their
 platform information included in the SIMCOM Participant Guide the DEADLINE FOR PUBLISHING is March 31, 2019.

SIMCOM-VC 2019 Highlights

1) SIMCOM-VC 2019 will include federal, state, county, tribal,

 local and volunteer agencies, as well as out-of-state participants and military communication assets. The wide variety of agencies expected to attend SIMCOM will bring expanded capabilities and diversity to the exercise.


2) SIMCOM-VC 2019 will focus on strenuous testing of voice and data communication during field operations. SIMCOM exercise planners are developing and refining a robust and challenging series of events with inject messages to exercise participants with a true test of interoperable communications. In addition to the exercise there will be the opportunity to receive training from Emergency Managers and industry leaders in the realm of communication as well as meet with other emergency Communications Professionals and ARES/RACES volunteers from around the region and the State.


3) This year the event will cover a three day period. Participating agencies and groups are encouraged to attend both days, however SIMCOM will fully support any agency or group only able to attend a specific day(s).




      • Geographic Divisions
      • Data Sharing
      • Radio Bridging/Patching
      • Net Failures
      • Contingency Communications
      • Detailed and Challenging MSEL
      • Establish Incident Communications Center in each geographic area
      • Establish repeater within each geographic area
      • Radio communications (HF/VHF/UHF/700/800), WISCOM,Satellite)
      • Interoperable Communications between all participants and zones
      • Simulation Cell (SIMCELL)
      • Communication training
Incident Command
      • Staging and Reception Operations
      • Geographic Division Deployment
      • Incident Action Plan

Administration & Logistics

Lunch will be catered for the primary day of the exercise. If you decide to attend the training day, lunch will NOT be provided.  Those participants with special dietary needs must provide their own lunch.

Also as a reminder, participants must be self sufficient (fuel will not be provided). The event site will be monitored periodically by local law enforcement over the nights between exercise days.


Planning and Reservation

You are welcome to bring your equipment, or just come out and see what mobile communications platforms are available during response and recovery incidents.



Participant Agencies will need to have an WebEOC account to fully participate in the exercise. If you do not already have a registered WebEOC account please register at the following:



All participants and communication platforms will check-in/out on both days of the exercise utilizing WI-CAMS. There will be no check-in/out on Day 1 – Pre-Exercise Training.



Will be provided on the days of the exercise only, not on the training day. Any participant with special dietary requests not covered on the registration portal should come prepared to provide their own lunch.

An ambulance will be on site in the event of a medical emergency.

Parking will be provided at no charge at or near the event site. You will be instructed where to park upon your arrival and check-in.

Civilians, please wear organizational attire whenever able. Military participants wear duty uniform.


SIMCOM-VC 2019 will be held rain, sleet, snow, or shine so please plan accordingly.

In Case of Inclement Weather
Event Staff will monitor weather and suspend exercise if lightning and or strong winds are detected. There are facilities on site in the event that we will need to shelter in place; instructions for these facilities will be provided upon arrival and check-in. 

All participants will be aware of the identified safety concerns below: ·        
  • Trip and Fall Hazards: cables, extension cords, guide wires on radio towers, wires in aisles or low hanging from overhead locations
  • Lifting: proper posture, obtain help as needed, proper footing, proper lifting technique
  • Tower Climbing: only properly trained personnel can climb
  • Electricity: damp locations, cables rated for outdoor use, outdoor rated extension cables, lightning protection on equipment, hot sticks available for immediate use, only trained electricians utilized for panel work ·       
  • Underground Utility Locates: ground rods only placed where approved, location services show all utilities, proper grounding rules followed
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure: proper distance for frequency range designated, proper marking of RF hot zone (flagging, cones), FCC safety compliance ensured
  • Weather Exposure: cold, climate awareness
  • Fatigue: monitor each person’s on watch period, relief time for watch personnel, drive time before/after watch period
  • Lacerations/Splinters/General First Aid: ensure adequate self-training, first aid kits available, emergency numbers posted and briefed to all personnel
  • Reflective Vests/PPE: adequate marking for dark periods, helmets for falling object protection, bicycle helmets as needed, safety glasses for use around antenna elements and as necessary
  • Vehicle Safety: properly licensed drivers, following base rules, spotters during backing maneuvers, seat belts, headlights on as needed/required, no riders in open beds/pickups/flatbeds/trailers
  • Drone Flights: ALL Drone/Unmanned Aircraft flights will adhere to FAA Guidelines and coordinate flights through SIMCOM Exercise Control/Air Coordination Group Air Boss

Will be available on site at the Waukesha Expo Center as well as other Branch locations. Portable restrooms will also be available near platforms in their Branch locations.


Contact Information

  • For more information, contact:

    Wisconsin Emergency Management:

    Kevin Wernet, Exercise Director
    608-242-3331 (office)

    Paul Hughes, Communications & Warning Officer
    608-242-3309 (office)
    608-575-2533 (cell)

    Wisconsin National Guard:
    Capt Allen Nielsen, Exercise Director – WING
    608-242-3043 (office)  
    608-215-2718 (cell)

Payment Instructions

  • SIMCOM-VC 2019 is FREE
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