Building Bridges: Strengthening the Aging Network, the 31st Annual Conference of the AAAA of Michigan

East Lansing, Michigan
Tuesday, October 09, 2018
Building Bridges: Strengthening the Aging Network, the 31st Annual Conference of the AAAA of Michigan
Tuesday, October 09, 2018 8:00 AM -
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center
219 South Harrison Road
East Lansing, Michigan 48824
United States

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TUESDAY, October 9th

8:00-9:00 am Check in, Exhibits and Continental Breakfast

9:00-10:30 am General Session

Around the Aging Network

Partners, Collaborations, and the Future of the Aging Network

Confirmed panelists to date include: Rod Auton (PACE), Tiffany Bruursema (Battle Creek VA), Paula Cunningham (AARP of Michigan), Tamera Kiger (AAA), Cynthia Mayhew (Shiawassee COA), Amy Parkinson (MAHC), Brenda Roberts (MALA), Elizabeth Robinson (HAP), Dawn Siggett (MAHP), John Taylor (Ingham County VA), Jo Ver Beek (MADSA), Lisa Wideman (MANASP)

Leaders from organizations across Michigan's Aging Network and it’s partners will participate in a panel discussion to share information about their organizations, programs and services, innovative ideas, and current opportunities for partnerships and collaborations.  Panelists will be asked to share their vision on the future of aging services and how Michigan can position itself as a great place to age.  Panelists will be invited to comment on the conference theme- Building Bridges:  Strengthening the Aging Network and respond to questions as well as audience member questions.

10:30 – 10:45 Break

10:45 – 12:00  Workshops (Select one only)

Scaling Person-Centered Care with Telehealth    
Jamie L. Jones, Critical Signal Technologies, your Link to Life

Sherri Gerber-Somers, Critical Signal Technologies, your Link to Life

Alex Prough, Critical Signal Technologies, your Link to Life

Learn about the unique way social workers are being utilized in the remote patient monitoring field with personal emergency response and tele-monitoring technologies.  Workshop will provide an overview of CMS’ increased focus on virtual and remote care technology.  Attendees will gain an increased understanding of how different technologies combined with remote monitoring can support a range of acuity levels and improve the well-being of older adults. Learn how social work combined with technology addresses behavioral health as well as social determinants of health, such as housing, transportation, healthy food programs, utility and financial assistance to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare spending.

When Disaster Strikes….the Time to Prepare has Passed

Cindy Albrecht, Aging and Adult Services Agency

Terry (Thomma) Irving, Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress

Sergeant Jeff Weiss, Ingham Co. Sheriff’s Office, Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Dee N. Wilkinson, Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Michigan

Anne Zemlick, Area Agency on Aging, IIIA

Learn about Emergency Preparedness from a variety of experienced perspectives; learn tips to prepare for emergencies in your workplace, the community and client homes.  This panel will share scenarios and best practices.  Attendees will be informed of useful resources to develop, test and improve their own Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Winning the Long-Term CareStudy Bill (HB 4674) in Michigan

Sarah Slocum, Altarum

Dawn Kettinger, Michigan Nurses Association (MNA)

Karen Gordon Rosenberg, Feinberg Consulting

Laura De Palma, Michigan United

This panel will discuss the process that was used to win the long-term care study in the budget by way of grassroots organizing, direct lobbying and coalition building.  The panel will discuss the unique aspects of the long-term care study bill and why they are significant.

12:00-1:00 pm Luncheon Presentation: Updates from DC, Amy Gotwals, n4a

Amy Gotwals, National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (N4A)

By popular demand, AAAAM is bringing back n4A'a public policy expert to shed light on what's up in the nation's capital!  Ms. Gotwals has 20+ years of experience on Capitol Hill and will provide updates from the national level.

1:00- 2:00pm Luncheon Panel Presentation: The Changing Electronic Connectivity Environment

Michael Klinkman, MD

Drew Murray, MPA

Heidi Gustine, MPA

This panel will discuss the evolution of electronic connectivity - what it is, how it came about, how it being used to improve care and the coordination of care, and opportunities for future uses and connectivity.

2:00- 2:15 BREAK

2:15-3:30 Workshops (Select one only)

Technology – Based Community Engagement Innovations to Reduce Social Isolation, Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

Dona Wishart, Ostego County Commission on Aging

Joel M. Ackerman, CommunO2, LLC

This presentation will provide an overview of an innovative technology and aging program, funded by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, actively being deployed community-wide in Ostego County, Flint and Traverse City. The program, building upon an earlier pilot program in Ostego County, is designed to reduce social isolation and enhance community engagement for all residents, with a focus on older adults, family caregivers, and persons with disabilities.

New Ideas for Dementia Caregiver Support

Julie Alicki: Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan

Stephanie Hecksel, Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan

This workshop will provide an overview of new supportive services offered to caregivers who are assisting individuals with dementia.   The importance of supports from others to those in the caregiver role will be emphasized.

Disrupting Disparities:  The Continuum of Care

Melissa Seifert, AARP Michigan

This workshop will cover the current status of health disparities in Michigan and will address explore the policies that will create a business case for why fixing disparities will help people while also saving the State money.

3:45-5:00 Workshops (Select one only)

The Future of Mobility:  The Impacts of Technology and Shared Use

Jean Ruestman, Office of Passenger Transportation, MDOT

Roberta Habowski, Area Agency on Aging 1B

This presentation will cover the impacts of emerging technologies and the “sharing economy” on mobility options for Michigan residents, especially seniors and persons with disabilities.  Various initiatives will be discussed, including myride2, a one-call, one-click mobility management service which is a recipient of an Aging and Innovations Achievement Award.

Wait No More!  Successful and Systematic Approaches to Managing the Waitlist

Lea Quinn, Valley Area Agency on Aging

Patti Kearns, Valley Area Agency on Aging

This workshop will focus on the Independence by Choice Program, which will provide multi levels of intervention to assist seniors 60+ years of age or older living in three counties.  The program will seek to utilize Case Coordination and Support funding, Care Management, I& A, and the Older Americans Act service funding to enhance seniors and caregivers’ ability to maintain living independently.  The traditional program models are focused on providing assistance once the person’s name comes up on the waitlist.  The Independence by Choice program focuses on using multiple levels of intervention while the person is on the waiting lists for long term care services. 

Self-Care 101

Lois Husby, Sparrow Health System

This workshop will address the physical, emotional and behavioral aspects of stress.  Constructive ways to manage stress will be explored and attendees will learn a few stress management exercises.  

WEDNESDAY, October 10th

8:00-9:00 am Check in, Exhibits and Continental Breakfast

9:00-10:30 am Updates from the State

Richard Kline, Michigan Aging & Adult Services Agency (AASA) 
Scott Wamsley, Michigan Aging & Adult Services Agency (AASA)

Dick Miles, Bureau of Medicaid Policy & Health System Innovation, MDHHS
Brian Barrie, Long Term Care Division, MDHHS

AAAAM is pleased to welcome back Michigan's premier aging, health care and long-term care experts.  This session will share new state initiatives and the reflections of these state officials on changes at the federal level and how they will affect older adults and the agencies that serve them.  The NAPIS Client and Service Report summary will be shared by AASA.

10:30 – 11:00 Break

11:00-12:15 Workshops (Select only one)

The Advocacy Role of the Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging: Guiding Values & Legislative Priorities

Joan Ilardo, Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging

Kathleen LaTosch, Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging

Donna L. Murray-Brown, Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging

Phil Lewis, Adult and Aging Services Agency (AASA)

Dona Wishart, COA Chair, Moderator

The Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging (CSA) is charged by the Older Michiganians Act, to “serve as an effective and visible advocate for aging and older person in all government decisions”. In response to this charge and in seeing the need to address critical issues facing the future of aging in Michigan, the CSA recently developed a standing Advocacy Committee. This Committee is tasked with identifying key areas where the state can have improved impact. This workshop brings together individuals who have been involved in these efforts in a panel to discuss the guiding principles and values of this new Advocacy Committee, along with a review of the Commission’s current approved legislative and policy priorities.

Campaign of Respect and Empathy: Senior-to-Senior Bullying Reduction Training for Support Staff
Sara Gusler, Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency (NEMSCA, Region 9 Area Agency on Aging)

Senior-to-senior bullying is recognized as a common issue in many settings, yet staff often feel helpless to intervene.  This workshop will demonstrate the significant impact of senior-to-senior bullying, define bullying, and differentiate these behaviors from other interactions. The presenter will describe a staff training program that includes individual interventions and culture change activities which enhance the well-being of residents and senior consumers, while reducing the incidents of bullying.

Fixing the Home Care Worker Shortage: New Business and Social Perspectives

Clare Luz, IMPART Alliance, MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine

This workshop will address the critical shortage of personal care assistants (PCAs) for community-based care. Attendees will learn about why this crisis has occurred, a range of solutions, and current initiatives focused on building and developing the PCA workforce. Lessons learned from several ongoing projects will be shared that point to the need for new business models, professionalization, public education, and increased social value. Resources will be provided to equip attendees to take action in their communities in a way that recognizes skilled PCAs as essential to low cost home care with positive quality of life and outcomes.

12:30- 2:00     Panel Presentation/Tess Canja BCBS Award

Meet the Funders – A panel discussion with Michigan Aging Grant Makers

Kari Sederburg, Michigan Health Endowment Fund

Jillian Rosen, Ann Arbor Community Foundation

This workshop will feature 3-5 representatives of Michigan Foundations who make grants for programs and services that focus on older adults and/or caregiver support. The workshop will feature a facilitated panel discussion on writing successful aging grants, innovation in the aging sector, emerging trends, funder priorities, exciting projects, and information on upcoming grant rounds. Audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions of the panel of aging funders.

2:00-2:15 pm BREAK

2:15- 3:30 Workshops (Select only one)

Data Saves Lives (or at least increases support for your programs)

Jim McGuire, Area Agency on Aging 1B

Christine Vanlandingham, Region 4 Area Agency on Aging

This workshop tells the secrets that helped make the Silver Key Coalition’s data-driven strategy to increase state general fund appropriations by 44% percent in five years and has helped launch a new national campaign to rebrand and increase support for Older Americans Act Title III—B services. The presentation will review a conceptual framework for developing value proposition statements for home and community-based services and provide numerous examples that can be replicated by most AAAs! The workshop will review how n4a is igniting a national campaign on Title III B Older Americans Act programs to reverse the trend of stagnant or reduced OAA funding!

Innovative Food Programs from the Aging Network

Part 1.  Thinking Out of the Box with Senior Project Fresh & the Sprout Box

Stacy L. Wines, Associate Director Planning& Community Programs, CareWell Services

Brennan Dougherty, Food Hub Manager, Sprout BC

This portion of the workshop will feature CareWell Services (CWS) Senior Project Fresh and Sprout Box program, which is on track to distribute 1,200 SPF coupon booklets for the 2018 season. CWS partnered with Sprout BC for an innovative way to provide fresh produce to those who do not have access to transportation by providing the Sprout Box.

Part 2.  Senior Proxy Program

Ashley Ellsworth, AmeriCorps Service Member, Tri-County Office on Aging

Tasha Stetler, Tri-County Office on Aging

This portion of the workshop will feature the Senior Proxy Project(SPP) which currently serves seniors in Ingham County who are unable to leave their homes unassisted, making it difficult for them to acquire the food they need to thrive independently at home. Through community partnerships and outreach opportunities, the number of seniors utilizing Senior Proxy Project grows each month.

Balancing Analgesia for the Elderly: Multimodal Pain Management Considerations

Ashley Meyers, Progressive Care/Pain Management, Sparrow Health System

This workshop will review the physiology and pathophysiology of pain, multimodal analgesic principles, and considerations for pain assessment and management in elderly patients.

3:30- 3:45 pm BREAK

3:45- 5:00 AAA Staff Sessions (Select one please)

Successes, challenges, pain points and solutions will be discussed. Meet your counterparts from across the state, make connections, build bridges and learn from each other!

Care Managers

Facilitator: Sheyenne Cole, Senior Resources of West Michigan (Region 14 AAA)

Contract Managers

Facilitator: Yvette Smigelski, NEMSCA (Region 9 AAA)

Human Resources 

 Facilitator:  Angie Winton, The Senior Alliance (Region AAA1C)


    Facilitator:  Kara Lorenz, Region 2 Area Agency on Aging


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