Membership Application 2019

Membership Application 2019

This form is used to apply for the following:
  • Professional Membership -Jury Fee $50.00
  • Student Membership - $20.00
  • Subscribing Membership - $20.00
  • For past Maine Crafts Guild Professional Members, the jury fee is waived.
  • For current Professional Maine Crafts Association members, the jury fee is waived.

Jury Chair
Sara Hotchkiss


The criteria used in reviewing the work include: originality and individuality of work; excellence of design in all work presented; highly developed skill in execution; attention to detail exhibited; a recognizable style and coherence of the range of work presented. In addition, the committee is concerned with evidence of professionalism as exhibited by, among other things, pricing, concern for maintaining high levels of quality, and display.

Only work handmade by the craftsperson — or under his/her direct supervision — will be permitted at Maine Crafts Guild shows. (The only exception to this is printed material directly relating to the craftsperson’s principle activity. Only a small percent of items for sale may fall under this heading) Handmade means, that tools and machines used in production are hand-guided. Direct supervision means to be within an immediate distance and available to respond to the needs of helpers. The artist provides explicit instructions; observes, reviews, and evaluates the performance of other persons and thereby has direct control over and professional knowledge and oversight of all work being done.

Work made from kits or patterns or assemblages where pre-made pieces account for most of the work will not qualify for jury consideration. Categories of work not eligible include, but are not limited to: foodstuffs, dried flowers,T shirts, photography, and two-dimensional painting.

Before you begin…

Once started, you can not save and come back to finish so be sure you have all necessary information and photos ready. The process will time out in approximately two hours and you will need to start over again if you have not finished.
Maine State Tax ID is required. If you have applied but not received one yet, use zeros.

Once started, you can not save and come back to finish so be sure you have all necessary information and photos ready. The process will time out in approximately two hours and you will need to start over again if you have not finished.

Maine State Tax ID is required. If you have applied but not received one yet, use zeros.

Photos: Five images of your product and one of your booth are required. You can also add a detail shot of each product. 

  • Photo files must be in the form of .jpg
  • Maximum size is 10MB
  • file names can NOT contain special characters (!@#$%^&*()?/) only alphanumeric characters (AaBb123)
  • this software does not support uploading from mobile phones, tablets or some older browsers

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in The Maine Crafts Guild.

The Maine Crafts Guild is a statewide craft organization serving professional craftspeople of Maine. The organization is dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship and the promotion of career development for its Professional Members. It does this in a variety of ways, including the operation of annual retail shows, subject-oriented meetings, and state-wide distribution of Guild and Show advertising
, including optional participation in Co-op magazine ads at discounted rates facilitated by the Guild. Members also get a business page on our website, and access to the members only online forum for where you can learn about current and past guild activities, and chat online with fellow members. The Guild also serves a coordinating function, dealing with other cultural organizations and educational institutions in matters of interest to its members, and as a voice for craftspeople.

Membership in the Maine Crafts Guild is a tenured position, which guarantees rights to space in all our shows and implies a certain level of activism to help manage, develop, and grow the organization. The Guild is run by and for its members. To stay in good standing, a member is required to pay yearly dues, keep the quality of work as juried maintained, and to continue a high level of professionalism in business.

Subscribing and Student Memberships with the Maine Crafts Guild can be renewed every year as the applicant wishes. Members receive free admission to all MCG shows. Show your printed confirmation slip to the Admissions desk upon arrival.

Below is an explanation of our jury process for Professional Membership, which is required reading and is considered part of the actual Membership Application. Those applying as Subscribing or Student Members are not juried.


The Maine Crafts Guild provides a three-step process to become a Professional Member. Applications are reviewed throughout the year by our Standards Committee.

Step One --- The Image Jury serves as the initial screening of applicants for Professional Membership. This Non-Member Jury Form must be submitted with the upload of your images and the non-refundable $50 application fee.

Step Two --- Applicants who successfully pass the image jury will be notified that they are eligible for the object jury.  Object juries take place at one of the shows.
The Object Jury allows the Standards Committee to make a first-hand assessment of the applicant's work, their display as an exhibitor, and their business practices, to be sure they meet the requirements. Booths must include a three-sided backdrop for in-line booths, no interference with adjacent booths, and a pleasing display of product. The Show where you are Object Juried will also give you  the opportunity to meet many of our members and become more familiar with our organization. Applicants accepted to the Object Jury are notified that they are eligible for Professional Membership.

Step Three ---

 The last step is becoming a dues paying member.  You have passed the object jury, the additional $100.00 non-member fee that you paid for your booth will become the current years Professional Membership dues.  If you have applied to multiple shows, you will be reimbursed the non-member fee on those subsequent shows. In the next calendar year you will receive a Membership Renewal form.  Once you have paid your dues all the Member show applications will become available to you.

Having been accepted as a non-member exhibitor at a previous MCG show does not carry any guarantee as to acceptance by the jury for Professional Membership or to exhibit in shows in any subsequent year.


Up to 11 images may be uploaded with your Non-Member Jury Application
Required: Five (5) high quality original digital images of current work.

Required: One (1) digital image or photo of your booth, as it would look at our shows.

Optional: For each piece submitted, you may also include an additional Detail Shot.
Some common mistakes to avoid when taking pictures of your work are out-of-focus photos, distracting backgrounds and shots where the piece does not fill most of the frame. The jury is interested in the full range of work to be exhibited. If accepted, images submitted may be used for advertising the shows.

If you have any questions or special needs regarding this application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • Payment by credit card is due upon completion of this application.
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