AIRR Community Meeting IV: Bridging the Gaps

Saturday, May 11, 2019
AIRR Community Meeting IV: Bridging the Gaps
Saturday, May 11, 2019 - Wednesday, May 15, 2019

University of Genoa
Piazza di Sarzano, 43
Genova, 16128

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Keynote ​Speakers: ​Dr. ​Sai ​Reddy ​from ​ETH ​Zurich ​and ​Dr. ​Antonio ​Lanzavecchia ​from ​IRB ​Bellinzona 

The ​AIRR ​Community: ​The ​Adaptive ​Immune ​Receptor ​Repertoire ​Community ​of ​The ​Antibody ​Society ​is ​a ​research-driven ​group ​that ​organizes ​and ​coordinates ​stakeholders ​in ​the ​use ​of ​high-throughput ​nucleic-acid ​sequencing ​technologies ​to ​study ​antibody/B-cell ​and ​T-cell ​receptor ​repertoires ​(AIRR-seq ​data). 

Bridging ​the ​Gaps: ​This ​meeting’s ​theme ​addresses: ​(i) ​technological ​gaps ​between ​the ​amounts ​of ​accumulated ​AIRR-seq ​data ​and ​our ​ability ​to ​process ​and ​share ​them, ​and ​(ii) ​the ​need ​for ​more ​increased ​involvement ​of ​stakeholder ​communities ​(industry, ​clinicians, ​patient ​& ​advocate ​communities) ​for ​uptake ​of ​the ​the ​shared ​standards ​developed ​and ​practices ​envisioned ​by ​the ​AIRR ​Community. 

Planned ​activities: ​Scientific ​sessions ​covering ​the ​latest ​biomedical ​and ​basic-science ​advances ​using ​AIRR-seq ​data; ​panel ​discussions ​including ​representatives ​from ​institutions ​and ​companies; ​“challenge” ​sessions ​to ​address ​the ​above-mentioned ​gaps, ​pre-meeting ​workshops ​to ​teach ​the ​basics ​of ​immunology ​and ​of ​AIRR-seq ​data; ​poster ​sessions; ​and ​tool- ​and ​pipeline-demo ​sessions. 

Organizing ​Committee: ​Jamie ​Scott, ​Ramit ​Mehr, ​Davide ​Bagnara, ​Jean-Philippe ​Bürckert ​and ​Pam ​Borghardt

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