Just Sit Saturday December 2019

Atlanta, Georgia
Saturday, December 14, 2019
Just Sit Saturday December 2019
Saturday, December 14, 2019 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Atlanta Soto Zen Center
1167 Zonolite Place Northeast
Suite C & D
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
United States

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Just ​Sit ​Saturdays (held every second Saturday) is a day of just sitting zazen; and ​your ​opportunity ​to ​enhance ​your ​daily ​practice ​and ​prepare ​for ​extended ​meditation ​in ​upcoming ​retreats ​offered ​during ​the ​year. ​ 

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We ​will ​focus ​on ​just ​sitting ​zazen ​during ​morning ​and ​afternoon ​sessions: 
(6) ​SESSIONS- ​25 ​min ​sitting ​+ ​5 ​min ​walking 

LUNCH ​& ​LEARN: ​ ​Bring ​a ​brown ​bag ​or ​enjoy ​the ​free ​lunch ​included ​with ​the ​$35 ​fee. ​ 

AFTERNOON: ​ ​1:00 ​PM- ​3:25 ​PM 
(5) ​SESSIONS- ​25 ​min ​sitting ​+ ​5 ​min ​walking 

We ​will ​not ​have ​zazen ​instruction ​for ​first ​timers. ​ ​We ​ask ​ ​that ​participants ​attend ​the ​"Introduction ​to ​Zen ​Meditation" ​held ​at ​the ​Atlanta ​Soto ​Zen ​Center ​on ​Wed. ​nights ​@ ​7:30 ​pm ​before ​signing ​up ​for ​this ​event. 

$25 ​for ​one ​session; ​$35 ​for ​both ​sessions ​(​lunch included with $35 fee)

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