NEPARC 2019 Annual Meeting

Galloway, New Jersey
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
NEPARC 2019 Annual Meeting
Wednesday, July 17, 2019 8:00 AM -
Friday, July 19, 2019 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Stockton University
101 Vera King Farris Dr
Galloway, New Jersey 08205
United States

Map and Directions

  • All registrants receive a free meeting t-shirt and tote bag this year!

    Lodging On-site ($29 per bed per night)

    • Apartment-style lodging at Stockton University.  Lodging available from July 16 (check-in) through July 20 (check-out).  

      • Each apartment unit has beds for four people.  There are two bedrooms, each bedroom has two beds.  You will have a chance to coordinate your roommate and apartment-mates by email after registering.

      • You may have your own private bedroom in an apartment by reserving both beds in your room for each night of your stay for an extra $29 per night. Example:  $29 per night x 2 beds x 3 nights = $174

      • You may have your own private apartment by reserving all four beds for $29 a bed for each night of your stay.  Example: $29 per night x 4 beds x 3 nights = $348

      • Rooms have wireless internet, central air, private bathroom/shower

      • Bring your own linens/towels.  Bed linens available for purchase for $10.

Field Trips and Workshop – All July 17 – Signup during Online Registration

Program R Workshops with Kris Hoffman, St. Lawrence University

Program R for Absolute Beginners:  Join us for a gentile introduction to Program R, the fastest growing language for data science and the new norm for statistical analysis in journals. This workshop is intended for those who have no experience or those who are just getting started in learning this language, but who are computer literate and comfortable in Microsoft Excel. We’ll walk through the basic components of R Studio and how to import data, manipulate data, run simple statistical tests and other functions, make plots, and find help online. We’ll discuss troubleshooting, common pitfalls, and how to boost your confidence with this software. Participants will receive instructions on how to download the needed software ahead of time. Bring your laptop so you can play along. 

When:  9am – noon; Where:  At NEPARC meeting location; Capacity 20 people

Occupancy Models with umarked in Program R:  When we don’t observe an animal using a site, we don’t necessarily know if the species is absent or just hidden. Occupancy models examine both the probability that the species is present at the site and the probability of detecting a species given it is present. These models can also examine the proportion of sites where the species occurs and the effects of environmental variables on detection and presence. In this two-hour workshop we will discuss the components of the package unmarked and practice coding with a cleaned dataset. We will find the detection probability and the occupancy probability across a landscape, examine the effects of environmental variables, rank models by AIC, and plot our top covariates with ggplot2.  This workshop assumes basic familiarity with program R, AIC, and the theory behind occupancy modeling. Bring your laptop so you can play along.¬

When:  1-3pm; Where:  At NEPARC meeting location; Capacity 20 people


The Wetlands Institute with Brian Williamson

The trip would include a tour of the lab, including a look at our incubators and salvaged eggs, head-started terrapins awaiting release, and the radio telemetry equipment we are using to study terrapin movements. Attendees would check a fyke net set on site for captured terrapins, and potentially help TWI researchers track terrapins using radio telemetry equipment. Attendees should wear knee boots or hip waders, or shoes they otherwise do not mind getting wet or muddy.

Time:  1-3:30pm; Where:  TWI is approximately 40 minutes from NEPARC; Capacity:  14 people


Cape May Zoo with Kevin Wilson

The Cape May County Park/Zoo Reptile House is home to 63 species from all around the world with a heavy emphasis on New Jersey natives. Join us for a private tour of the facility including behind-the-scenes access with discussions on daily husbandry and our involvement in conservation efforts both locally and globally.  Lunch on your own at zoo.  

When:  11am – 230pm; Where:  The Zoo is approximately 40 minutes from NEPARC; Capacity 15 people


Pinelands Snakes, Plants, and Fish with New Jersey Pinelands Commission and New Jersey Conservation Foundation staff

The state threatened northern pine snake and state endangered corn snake are part of ongoing research to better understand their activity ranges, habitat requirements, and nesting and denning in the New Jersey Pinelands. Acidic Pinelands surface waters support unique assemblages of coastal-plain plants and animals. During the first half of this field trip, we will radio-track a pine snake and a corn snake and, for the second half of the trip, we will explore the plants and fish that inhabit a Pinelands lake. Long pants and field clothing necessary. Bring your own lunch. 

When:  8:30am - 3:00pm; Where: Approximately 40 minutes north of NEPARC; Capacity 20 people


Stockton Wetland Ecology with Aaron Stoler

A tour of the wetland ecology research facility and major amphibian breeding sites on Stockton’s campus. We will first take a short drive (5 minutes) to an outdoor facility in which wetlands are created and manipulated for research purposes. From there, we will take a walking tour of the various wetlands and breeding sites on Stockton’s 2000-acre wooded campus. Sites include vernal ponds, swamps, and man-made pathways through large lakes. Estimated time for each tour will be 1.5 hours. 

When:  10am and 1pm; Where:  At NEPARC meeting location, short drive; Capacity 20 people per tour


Stockton Terrapin Headstart Lab with John Rokita

Stockton University’s new animal laboratory, or vivarium, is located within a recent 58,000 square-foot expansion of the Unified Science Center (USC).  Tour participants will be shown specialized rooms housing diamondback terrapins, poison dart frogs, fishes, and various other animal species used for research purposes.  In addition, there is a dedicated biology X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM) research facility with real-time X-ray imaging and a CT scanner to study animal movement.  Estimated time for each tour is 30 minutes. 

When:  10am, 1pm, and 3pm; Where:  At NEPARC meeting location; Capacity 20 people per tour


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