What's New in the Dietary Supplement Industry for 2019

Boulder, Colorado
Thursday, September 26, 2019
What's New in the Dietary Supplement Industry for 2019?
September 26-27, 2019
Hotel Boulderado, Boulder, Colorad

Recognizing the critical need of the dietary supplement industry to be educated on FDA requirements, local academic and scientific groups joined together in 2012 to create the Rocky Mountain Dietary Supplement Forum. 
The goal was to provide an educational venue helping dietary supplement industry professionals learn what they need to know to stay current with FDA’s requirements. This included presentations on regulatory requirements, updates on raw ingredient and finished product testing, the importance of properly labeling dietary supplements, and other important topics.    
The Forum titles reflect the focus to help manufacturers, laboratories, own-label distributors, packagers and industry professionals truly get a grasp on FDA rules and regulations
  • What Does FDA Really Want from Us? [2012]
  • How to Effectively Work with FDA [2013]
  • Hot Topics for Dietary Supplements in 2015 [2015]
  • The Dietary Supplement Industry in 2016 [2016]
  • New Avenues for the Dietary Supplement Industry [2017]
  • 2018 - What Lies Ahead for the Dietary Supplement Industry [2018]
The Forum is open to all dietary supplement participants industry-wide and averages over 100 in attendance from companies throughout the US.  
The educational highlight of the Forums has been a three-hour panel discussion with the FDA Denver District staff including representatives from the Compliance and Investigations Branches providing insights and guidelines plus offering a unique dialogue between industry leaders and Agency representatives.  

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