3rd Pediatric Autoimmune Liver Disease Symposium & Family Day

Cincinnati, Ohio
Friday, September 27, 2019

Pediatric Autoimmune Liver Disease Symposium & Family Day

3rd Pediatric Autoimmune Liver Disease Symposium & Family Day
Friday, September 27, 2019 8:00 AM -
Saturday, September 28, 2019 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center
Cincinnati Children's, Research Foundation
240 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
United States

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It ​is ​with ​great ​pleasure ​that ​we ​invite ​you ​to ​the ​3rd ​Pediatric ​Autoimmune ​Liver ​Disease ​Symposium ​and ​Family ​Day. ​We ​will ​continue ​to ​integrate ​information ​from ​various ​clinically ​relevant ​topics ​aimed ​at ​the ​treatment ​and ​prediction ​for ​PSC ​and ​AIH. ​Additionally ​we ​will ​also ​be ​sharing ​latest ​research ​being ​done ​in ​these ​fields. ​This ​would ​be ​a ​great ​opportunity ​to ​learn, ​assimilate, ​and ​collaborate. ​
What ​can ​you ​expect ​from ​this ​year’s ​conference? ​

27th ​September ​2019; ​12PM-5PM: ​Learning ​Network ​for ​Autoimmune ​Liver ​Disease: ​discuss ​the ​strategies ​to ​improve ​the ​outcomes ​for ​pediatric ​patients ​with ​autoimmune ​liver ​disease ​patients ​through ​a ​learning ​network ​and ​quality ​improvement ​(QI).
Where: ​Kingsgate ​Marriott ​151 ​Goodman ​Street, ​Cincinnati, ​Ohio ​45219 ​USA

28th ​September ​2019; ​7AM-5PM ​Family ​and ​Research ​Oriented ​talks
Symposium ​Theme: ​Liver ​fibrosis ​– ​Will ​share ​the ​latest ​research ​findings ​with ​a ​focus ​on ​liver ​fibrosis ​in ​autoimmune ​liver ​disease. ​
Where: ​Sabin ​Auditorium; ​3333 ​Burnet ​Avenue, ​MLC ​2010 ​Cincinnati, ​OH, ​45229-3039

By ​attending, ​you’ll ​have ​a ​unique ​opportunity ​to ​interact ​with ​a ​diverse ​group ​of ​ALD-informed ​individuals, ​including ​patients ​and ​families, ​scientists, ​physicians ​and ​healthcare ​providers.


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  • Inquiries: Conference inquiries may be directed to the Center for Autoimmune Liver Disease (CALD)

    Email: CALD@cchmc.org 

    Phone: 513-517-2051

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