Success Empowerment Group Presents "Come As You Are...In 2013"

Long Beach, CA
Friday, June 27, 2008









"Act as though I AM and I SHALL BE..."

Success Empowerment Group Presents "Come As You Are...In 2013"
Friday, June 27, 2008 4:00 PM -
Saturday, June 28, 2008 11:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Queen Mary
1126 Queens Highway
Long Beach, CA 90802

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Success Empowerment Group

 Come As You Are ... In 2013 !!!



Be completely immersed in who YOU ARE.


    It's not just a Party... It's an EXPERIENCE !!!

If you dream of being successful, if you’ve always wanted to make more money, if you’ve been longing for a dream sports car – if you have ANY dream of ANY sort that you want to achieve in the next five years, then this is the party for you.

When you give your brain colorful, vivid and specific pictures to manifest-it will seek out and capture all the information necessary to bring that picture into reality for you. Olympic gold medalist Peter Vidmar used it to pursue and obtain an Olympic gold medal. Fred Couples used it to win the Masters Golf Tournament. Jack Canfield used it to become an international speaking counsultant among many other things.

Come to the party EXACTLY as you want yourself to be five years in the future. Dress and talk as though you have achieved your dreams. Bring fake photographs, newspaper clippings, books you have written and anything that will make this dream night as REAL as possible.

And CELEBRATE your ‘success’ and the successes of others as though it were real. Spend the night living out your DREAM VISION OF THE FUTURE.

Slowly and surely, like a magnet, you WILL attract your dreams into your life. And your life will be changed – for the better.



To Dress, Walk, Talk and Behave Like The Successful Person You Want To Be In 5 Years' Time For The Entire Duration Of The Party. To experience the luxury and abundance of the world's most successful people.This party will create an unforgetable emotionally charged experience. Spending an evening living out the life you want and deserve, is laying down a very powerful blueprint in your subconcious mind that will continue to surface and atrract the right people, solutions, opportunities and actions to achieve your dreams and goals. It is a powerful piece in the "acting as if"  system that will support your dreams of being who you want to be.

Keep Your Dreams High


Like the Stars Up Above

Choose lofty Things...

For Your heart to Dream Of!

Choose a dream for your heart,

make it high, bright and far.

Let it stretch past the limits

of all that you are.

Lift up your dreams

                                                  so the ideals that you see

will direct the way

to your true destiny.

Follow your heart and

don't let a moment pass by

till the dream that you hold

                                                     touches the sky!
by Caring Moments

Benefits To You:

Following the Law of Attraction as seen in the hit movie  “The Secret, when you act and behave like the future you envision, as if you've already achieved all your goals and dreams, your vision will be totally immersed into every fiber of your being.  You will then start to attract all the things, people and help that you need in the weeks and months ahead to create the future and become who you are!


As you arrive, a throng of paparazzi will greet you, flashing their cameras and rushing to take pictures of you.


Everything has been created for your total immersion in the realistic visualization of who you are. Throughout the entire evening, partake of the many activities that have been designed to infuse you with your vision of who you are. This is your opportunity to truly live the life that you have imagined, as you speak of your success and spend $1 million (unauthentic)in any fashion that you choose. Use it to create more money from your fellow attendees, or you can deposit it with a bank, charity or foundation. Your vision will be firmly ingrained in every fiber of your being. Your hopes, dreams and goals will manifest sooner. The end of the party will be the beginning of your new life.

You will meet and greet other ‘famous’ people. People who have had all their dreams come true. Famous businessmen, authors, lawyers, actors and hordes of other successful people will only be more than willing to share their stories of how they made it big for your appreciation.    

CongratulationsIn turn, they will listen carefully to yours, and give their appreciation. Around the room, you will see images of the journey of a select few participants, who have created visual stories of their immense success, and chosen to display them to the world.

And while you mingle and hobnob with some of the most successful people in the world during the year 2013, you will be treated to a lavish gourmet feast – fit for the STAR that you are.

This will be one night you will never forget – as it marks the day when you took the first step forward towards realizing your dreams.


You should bring anything and everything to make your dream seem as real as possible. Here are some ideas:s that you use! If you're a rock star, bring your guitar that you use! You can also bring your own fans (each fan pays the same ticket price)!  

  •  Pictures of yourself receiving an award, winning the lottery, performing at a concert, winning a Gold Medal etc. Graphic designers can easily create these pictures on Adobe Photoshop.


  • Magazine Covers or future newspaper clippings on articles written about you. These can be easily created using a typing program such as Microsoft Word or Publisher.

  • Future awards that you have won. Lots of companies can create imitations of famous awards such as the Emmy, Grammy, Laureus Sports Award or even the Nobel Prize-engraved with your name!

  • Other mock-ups of achievements – such as Books you have written, inventions you have created, a new product range you launched. Use your imagination and bring anything that will add more realism to your dream!

  • An attitude! No successful person blends into the background. If your dream is to be a successful business person, then get your friends to constantly call you about business deals. Or if you want to become a successful comedian – start telling jokes!

    Be prepared to tell the  GREAT story of how you achieved your dream. Everyone is going to want to hear it – so come geared up!


       Dress exactly as how you wish yourself to be dressed in the year 2013!

    If you see yourself as a highly successful businessperson, then buy or rent the finest suit you can afford!

    If you’re a glamorous singer, actress or entertainer, then dress to the nines !!!

    If you want to be a successful doctor, dress as one complete with a stethoscope around your neck and patient's clip board!

    If your dream is to make loads of money and live on the water, then dress as a beach bum!

    Remember, think of what you want to look like by 30 December 2013 – and dress  precisely as you see yourself.

    And let the Power of Visualization attract everything you need to make your dream a reality.

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    Get Your Tickets Now! Attendance is limited. 

    * $1,000,000.00 cash is unauthentic currency. Rolls Royce photo and party DVD are available for an additional charge. Party DVD's paid will be shipped after the event.



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