Beating the Recession: Keeping Your Business Profitable & Growing

Saturday, February 07, 2009
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Beating the Recession: Keeping Your Business Profitable & Growing
Saturday, February 07, 2009 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Webinar Access Only

Welcome to The Center for
Business Performance

Beating the Recession: Keeping Your Business Profitable & Growing
Course: CBP1250

Course Outline/Agenda:
  • 15 Marketing strategies designed to move the business needle forward 
  • Promoting your business without busting your budget (or spending anything at all!)
  • 15 Sales strategies/tactics for accelerating revenue
  • Strategies for innovating your way through a recession
  • Building a 'local brand' that can withstand the test of time
  • Full Q/A session with Academic Director
Webinar fee includes a copy of the participants guide (in PDF format) which is designed to be a ready resource for you and your business!  It is filled with specific and actionable strategies & tactics that can help you more than just survive a about thriving and growing through it too?!

Who should attend?  Business owners from all areas including retail, service, B2B, and internet. If you own, manage a business or are thinking of starting your own business, this webinar is designed for you.

Why choose the Center for Business Performance?

We’re here to do one thing: to help you to create a high performing business that can sustain growth and profitability.  In any size business today, success and longevity means finding ways to differentiate your business from your competition in ways that creates both growth and profits. It's about developing a high performing business that can withstand the test of time.  Those are the challenges all business owners and executives will face today and into the future. 

Are you ready for the challenge? 

The Center for Business Performance provides high impact educational programs for business owners, leaders, and managers.  When you come to a Center program, be prepared for an all out attack on the subject matter at hand.  Be ready to get engaged on a high level.  Prepare for the rigorous process of getting ‘battlefield’ ready in an environment combines learning with action.

Where preparation meets opportunity lies the intersection of true performance.

Despite what many may say, you need more than ‘luck’ to keep your business viable and competitive.  Our definition of ‘luck’ is where preparation meets opportunity.  The better prepared you are to enter the business battlefield, the better your chances of identifying and leveraging opportunities most don’t see and few can leverage to their advantage.  That’s where the Center for
Business Performance can play a critical role in the advancement of your business.

The application of knowledge is where high performance begins.

Enter our open enrollment programs with a warning:  Our open enrollment programs are not for the faint of heart.  For those looking for a way to pass the time listening to a nice lecture, you need not apply.  There are many $15 or $25 programs out there that will allow you to do that. Simply put, you get what you pay for.  They’ll give you a donut, coffee, and throw some ‘ideas’ at you.  Unfortunately, you’ll be left still thirsting for knowledge and skills and yes, you’ll be a few
bucks poorer.  That’s not business education, that’s a sales pitch. 

Likewise, there are many programs offered by well-known organizations that charge thousands for the privilege of attending their programs.  Many of these programs fall short when it comes to insuring you walk out with more than you came in with.  Most important is your ability to apply and integrate what you have learned into your business for optimal success.  How many programs have you attended that have truly endowed you with the skills and knowledge that you could apply immediately?  If you’re like most business owners and executives, the answer is probably very few.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Business education programs engineered to challenge you at every level.

All of our courses are designed to engage all of your business senses with a real-world curriculum taught by real-world business leaders.  We employ multiple approaches to learning that are designed have immediate and lasting impact on your and your business.  Experience new ideas, develop new strategies, and learn the critical skills needed for moving your business or non-profit to the next level.  Our programs span from a few days to several months, but the impact will last for years.  When you combine groundbreaking research with practical-on-the-job experience, you gain a competitive advantage that few of your competitors will be able to match.

Come join us. Be ready to work hard and be challenged. The investment you make in yourself and your business in high performance training will pay dividends for years to come.

We look forward to seeing you here. Game on.

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