Discipline Toolkit Workshop

Yorkville, Illinois
Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Discipline Toolkit: Preventing and Solving Problems

Discipline Toolkit Workshop
Saturday, March 21, 2009 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM (Central Time)

Peaceful Pathways Montessori
1002 South Bridge Street
Yorkville, Illinois

Susan A. Tracy, M.Ed., returns to share the most-requested of her parenting tools. PLUS she has added follow up materials and a 30-minute parent coaching session.

You may be taking better care of your car than your family!  Your family requires routine maintenance to prevent a breakdown.  Everyone needs regular refueling: nutrition, sleep, relaxation and fun!  And when there is a problem, which tools will fix it?

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


In this workshop, Susan will give you 20+ effective tools for preventing and solving problems.  This is practical information based on years of observation, practiced with Susan's four children, and applied in hundreds of families.  Parenting is a challenge for anyone... and these tools have even helped families with special needs children, emotional and behavioral challenges, and those struggling with anger and abuse.

Susan wants this experience to change your life!  When you register, she will send some preliminary "homework" so you can begin benefitting immediately!  You will receive reading materials and assessments to create a parent notebook. After the workshop, you receive follow up emails (detailed below) and a 30-minute phone consultation with Susan. 


Tools don't work unless you use them


…so Susan has added follow up emails containing a few pages of reading, a fun quiz, or homework.  Topics reinforce what you learned in the workshop:


·         Are children AND adults well-rested? This improves health, safety, patience, learning, mood…

·         Are mornings rushed and stressful, or pleasant and peaceful? 


·         What to provide, what to avoid, and how to follow through on your good intentions

·         How to get a child to eat (this is a real FAQ, and the answers are surprising)

Family Relationships

·         The marriage/partnership, or even in cases of two parents parenting separately, how to build consistency and cooperation between the two parents?  It is POWERFUL, yet rare, for the two parents to support each other.  More frequently, we see disagreement, inconsistency, and polarization (one parent gets lenient, then the other gets strict or resentful).  There is criticism both ways.  Best plan: LEARN what is effective and BOTH DO IT!

·         How can each parent strengthen their relationship with each child?

·         Relationships between children – Parents worry about sibling jealousy and fighting.  ALSO, only-child issues.

Home Environment

·         What to keep, what to eliminate or limit, what to buy

·         The Hierarchy of Toy Pickup

·         How the environment plus the adult can encourage independence

Behavior Challenges

·         How could you prevent this problem?

·         Which tools would respectfully resolve the problem?

·         Did these tools work?


Parent Coaching with Susan Tracy may be scheduled if needed.  Remember, a 30-minute session by phone is included with your workshop registration.


Take action to give your family a better future.  You have spent days, months, years of your life learning academics, job skills, and even how to drive a car.  How much time have you invested to learn about your child? 


Click the Register Now button at the top right of this page, and join us for this important workshop.

Comments from recent participants nationwide:

“Great speaker, engaging, funny, practical.  A wonderful workshop.”


“It was a great opportunity for us to spend some time together to figure out how to make things work better at our house.”


“Susan delivered the information in a manner that was easy to absorb and very fun.  Great sense of humor.”


“It was very helpful to take with my spouse to make sure we were on the same page.  Thank you again. It was well worth the investment.”


 “Fantastic, humorous teacher. Great workshop!”

Our presenter

Susan Tracy, M.Ed.
is a Montessori teacher, lecturer, and parent educator. In addition to a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Northwestern University, and a Master’s Degree in Education from Loyola College in Baltimore, Susan is certified by both the American Montessori Society and Association Montessori Internationale. She insists, however, that her greatest education has been through the observation of children.

Susan speaks frequently to groups of educators and parents across the country, and publishes articles of interest to both groups.

The Tracys have four children. Acting on her belief that raising children is society’s most important work, in 1999 Susan founded Learning Together Parent Education Center. Learning Together offers prenatal workshops, parenting classes, parent-infant programs, parent coaching, and online resources at www.LTPEC.org. She records and distributes free audio parenting tips by email.

Susan recently started a Montessori Parent-Infant program in a Chicago homeless shelter.

Learning Together’s mission is to make parent education available to all.

Susan may be reached at 847-567-5873 or by email at susantracy@LTPEC.org 


Contact Information

  • Susan Tracy
    Learning Together Parent Education Center
    Mailing address:
    37538 North Amber Way
    Lake Villa, IL 60046
    Phone: 847-567-5873

Payment Instructions

  • Register by March 10th and save $15!

    Fee for one or both parents -
    second parent free - $75, or $60 if you register by March 10. 
    You may also bring a grandparent or caregiver at no cost.

    Register online and pay by credit or debit card.  

    Scholarships are available.
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