Warrior Bride Conference Series
(Wasilla, Kenai)

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Now coming to its third state...

God is looking for Warrior Brides!  
If you want a deeper awareness of the power and presence of God, if you desire to be enhanced in your destiny and adorned for victory in this changing world; please join us for this conference.

The transforming power of God’s Word will strengthen your faith, passionate worship will draw you into God’s presence and personal prayer will launch you into your divine call.   This distinctive event has greatly impacted women in Arizona and Oregon and we expect even greater things in Alaska. We hope to see you in January 2010!
                                                JoAnne & Renee

TWO Locations to choose from!

 January 21st – 23rd, 2010                Wasilla Assembly of God

January 28th – 30th, 2010                Kenai New Life


 Thursday - Day 1

6:00 PM  Registration Opens  
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM  Worship Heidi Thomason and NewSong Team
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM General Session I : Identity    Design Matters… So who am I? (identity)
(A portrait of His Bride … Our significant  Name, our stellar Character, $0 our incredible Value, our victorious Destiny )   
Renee Duncan, JoAnne Meckstroth, Vicki Strickland, Heidi Thomason 
9:30 PM  Ministry time and close   

 Friday - Day 2
9:00 AM   Registration Opens  
10:00 AM -
10:30 A
 Worship Heidi Thomason and NewSong Team
10:30 AM -
 General Session II : Authority     River Rising … Releasing Kingdom Authority    Vicki Strickland
12 noon  Lunch  - provided by Dream Center  on a donation basis
1:00 PM   Personal Prayer Ministry** - Session I  
1:30 PM  Workshops begin    
        Workshop A (presenters choice w/Q&A)  Heidi Thomason
        Workshop B (presenters choice w/Q&A)  Renee Duncan
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM  Personal Prayer Ministry** - Session II  
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM  Break  
3:00 PM -
4:00 PM 
 Personal Prayer Ministry** - Session III  
3:00 PM -
4:00 PM 
 Workshops begin  
        Workshop C  (presenters choice w/Q&A)  Vicki Strickland 
        Workshop D  (presenters choice w/Q&A)  JoAnne Meckstroth
4:00 PM -
5:00 PM
 Personal Prayer Ministry** - Session IV  
6:00 PM  Registration Opens  
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM   Worship  Heidi Thomason and NewSong Team
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM General Session III : Assignment     Living Wide Awake ….Awakened to Your Assignments or … You want me to do what? JoAnne Meckstroth
9:30 PM Ministry time and close

Saturday - Day 3
9:00 AM   Registration Opens  
10:00 AM -
10:30 A
 Worship Heidi Thomason and NewSong Team
10:30 AM -
 General Session IV : Inheritance    Oil Change … I am full of power by the Spirit of the Lord   (Refreshings of the Spirit)     Renee Duncan, JoAnne Meckstroth, Vicki Strickland, Heidi Thomason 
 12 noon  Lunch  - provided by Dream Center  on a donation basis
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM  Worship  
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM  General Session V : Intersect    Intersect  … Where justice and our righteousness meet    Renee Duncan
2:30 PM Ministry time and close
*Agenda is subject to Change.
**Personal Prayer Ministry - (up to 10 ppl per session - minimum 2 Prophetic ministering with 1 recorder)


   Rev. Renee Duncan, the Alaska A/G Women's Director and Associate Pastor of Peninsula Christian Center, mobilizes women around the world, creating a spiritual climate of change and exceptional growth. Her enthusiasm is contagious with well presented material and the Gift of Prophecy, Discernment and Knowledge.
   JoAnne Meckstroth president of Point of Impact Group develops leaders for maximum impact in every aspect of life, through seminars, coaching and conferences. Her life stories and inspiring teachings will make you laugh out loud and stir you to action. She is a global groundbreaker, bringing revelation and insight through inspiring teachings and the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.
   Vicki Strickland president of Elevate Coaching Group, grows leaders through coaching, seminars and conferences. Her revelatory teaching enables men and women to grasp biblical truths as she coaches both at home and abroad. Vicki’s weekly radio program is impacting Christians throughout South Africa and Swaziland and is a part of Global Outreach Ministries.
   Heidi Thomason is Worship Pastor at GodSong church in Newberg, OR where she and her husband pastor a growing, vibrant church. Her church family and personal family are her greatest love. Songwriting, directing, creating, teaching, and making His name famous are all privileges she delights in. Her style of worship will usher in the tangible presence of the Lord and you take you to an intimate fellowship with Him.




If you are in need of a hotel during the conference there are several options available in each location.  

go to:  www.AlaskaHotels.org/kenai

Kenai Chamber of Commerce - 
http://www.kenaichamber.org/ go to:  www.AlaskaHotels.org/wasilla    

Wasilla Chamber of Commerce - http://www.wasillachamber.org/

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Payment Instructions

  • Full Conference Fee
    6 Sessions for $60 

    Per Session Fee
    A per session fee is available for those not attending the full conference. There are 6 total sessions and each session can be purchased onsite for $15 per session.

    If you are paying by credit card, please note your credit card statement will show Event Dynamics/EDC.

    AMEX, Visa and Master Card accepted

    If you are paying by check - please note: all payments must be received by January 8th to avoid increasing to the regular price. 

    Please make checks out to AK Dist. Council A/G - Warrior Bride and mail to:

    Warrior Bride Conference Series
    c/o Event Dynamics
    P.O. Box 3214
    Soldotna, Alaska 99669

    Phone: 720-253-7365

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