CrossFit Running Certification - Sydney Australia - April 10-11, 2010

Kogarah, NSW
Saturday, April 10, 2010
CrossFit Running Certification - Sydney Australia - April 10-11, 2010
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - Sunday, April 11, 2010

CrossFit Effects Ltd
2 Production Avenue
Kogarah, NSW 2217

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CrossFit Running Certification

First Day Only Option:
There is a One Day option for this course that is open to everyone.  You will learn the Pose method but you will not be Certified to teach the method after attending the One Day.

Pre-Requisites for the Two Day Course:

CrossFit Level 1 Course.  Contact for the registration code.
Pose Membership.  Contact for more information.


Time: 9am-5pm Sat & Sun

Lunch Break: 1 hour with meals on your own

This Course is being held indoors, so no worries about having to run in inclement weather.

Course Description:

The Pose method is a simple and comprehensive bio-mechanical model which eliminates injuries and enables every runner from novice to elite to fully utilize their physiological potential.   

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Simplify learning the technique of your sport
  • Easily identify technique errors that lead to injuries and poor performance
  • Confidently use effective drills and exercises to correct the errors in technique
  • Prevent potential injuries with better body positioning
  • Achieve better performance and better results
  • Ensure stable progress with a methodical approach

You will receive a practical coaching manual, that includes a “Technique Assessment Form” that you will be able to use with your members.  You will be listed as a Certified CrossFit POSE Instructor on


Dr. Nicholas Romanov developed and successfully implemented with his athletes, the Pose Method®, which enhances efficiency and performance in running, jumping and throwing (track and field), as well as in swimming, cycling, gymnastics, speed skating, cross-country skiing and many other athletic events.

In the 1990's, America opened its doors to him, and with requisite initial skepticism, saw the simplicity and ingenuity of the Russian scientist's idea. Gravity and its effects on all objects were discovered long ago, however, nobody ever applied it to running. No one spoke about the physics and mechanics of running movement in those terms. Dr. Romanov successfully showed the dependency of efficiency and performance on correct technique, which uses gravity, and a new era in running began.

Dr. Romanov has worked with numerous elite athletes in various sports and the members of National Teams from 4 countries: United States, Great Britain, Russia and Mexico, taking the British Triathlon National Team to 2000 Olympics in Sydney and 2004 Olympics in Athens. He also served as a member of the USA Triathlon Coaching Committee from 1996 to 2002.







































Contact Information

  • Please contact Customer Service with any questions, using the "send email" button below.

Payment Instructions

  • The price of this Course depends on the type of course you are taking. Please open the registration page to chose the course you wish to attend:
    First Day Only, Open to All, $295.
    Two Day CrossFit Running Course, Level 1 Pre-Requisite, $595.
    Two Day POSE Running Course, Pose Members Only, $1200.
    Please place a $100 deposit for the First Day Only course or a $250 deposit  for the Two Day CrossFit Running Course or the Two Day POSE Running Course to secure your space in the Course.

    You can continue to make payments as long as your balance is paid in full three weeks prior to the Course. Please make sure you are paid in full three weeks before the Course you will forfeit your place in the Course.

    If you plan to pay by check we must receive your check payment before you can register.  Please print and fill out this form to send with your check:

    Registration Form

    After we receive your check, we will notify you via email or phone of the code you will need to register for the Course.

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