Oklahoma Human Trafficking Conference

Norman, Oklahoma
Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Oklahoma Human Trafficking Conference
Wednesday, May 05, 2010 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Central Time)

NCED Conference Center
(405) 447-9000
2801 East State Hwy 9
Norman, Oklahoma 73071
United States

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A Multidisciplinary Response to Labor and Sex Trafficking in Oklahoma

Human Trafficking in the United States

We have all heard about Human Trafficking in foreign countries, but few understand the reality that we face right here in America. Texas and Oklahoma are in the middle of this growing problem. Here in Oklahoma we are encountering cases all over the state with a variety of victims, the youngest of whom are mere children.

Victims of human trafficking are people forced or coerced into labor or sexual exploitation. Labor trafficking here in the US involves foreign nationals caught up in a variety of situations that encompass individuals in domestic service and farming, to larger scale operations such as sweatshops, construction, landscaping, restaurants and hotels, as well as major multinational corporations. The growing use of visa fraud to bring foreign nationals into the US legally and then exploit them through staffing agencies or a variety of corporate contracts, subjecting the workers to unsafe living conditions and sub-standard pay scales has the Department of Labor taking serious actions to expose the injustice.


Conference Format

The conference format is designed to provide maximum detailed information through an exceptional host of field experienced professionals for the opportunity of significant awareness, discussion, and involvement by conference attendees concerning the many facets of human trafficking within U.S. boarders and the state of Oklahoma.

Opening Night

Tuesday May 4th is open to the public combining a new feature film followed by a survivor story of former Oklahoman sex trafficking victim Chong Kim.

The dawning of a new day is changing the landscape of human rights activism. The world's problems cannot be solved by governments, churches and non-profits alone... but require community-based participation.  Oklahoma's premiere screening of "CALL + RESPONSE" is the first feature Rocumentry film created to expose the world's 27 million most terrifying secrets: there are more slaves today than ever before in human history, and we have the unique opportunity to rally for an historic end to this injustice.

Conference Day

National speakers will bring to bear the unimaginable reality of labor and sex trafficking and what is occurring right here in America, the heartland and specifically - Oklahoma.  We will begin with an opening session detailing the various types of human trafficking that occur here, who the traffickers are and how traffickers recruit and market their victims. You will hear the shocking personal testimony of child victim Theresa Flores who was secretly trafficked at the age of 15 while still living at home and attending school and church.

Four tracks of disciplinary training will be offered:

  1. General public / Faith community response and activism
  2. Law enforcement professional training for investigation, case building and prosecution
  3. Attorney and immigration training on specifics such as certification and T-visa’s
  4. Service providers professional training for victim identification, intake & services procedures, counseling protocols and treatment models.

Wrap-up will include case studies, group collaborative discussion and a call to action.

Conference Objectives

  • Learn from national and local experts who will identifying specific issues and current trends of human trafficking
  • Gain awareness concerning the depth of the problem of child sex trafficking in Oklahoma
  • Develop skills to assess situations that involve labor and /or sex trafficking
  • Learn about specific treatment methodologies effective in helping victims of labor and sex trafficking
  • Learn of the resources (legal, social service, religious) available to address both victims and perpetrators of labor and sex trafficking in Oklahoma
  • Be offered the opportunity to engage in ongoing collaboration and networking regarding human trafficking in Oklahoma



Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • Space is still available, seating is limited. 

    General Admission - $ 65.00                  Admission & Continuing Education Hours - $85.00

    Law Enforcement Officers please register at www.OATHconference.us for special discount

    Online Registration Deadline: May 2, 2010

    Attendee Name Transfers Allowed             No Cancellations Allowed

    Registration at the Door - General Admission - $ 65.00  Admission with Continuing Education Hours - $85.00

    Hotel special rates - $70.00 for conference attendees (405) 447-9000

    CEUs Approved: CLEET 7.5 hrs, MCLE 7.5 hrs, VWC 7hrs, CDSVRP 7hrs, LMFT/LPC 6.5 hrs.




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