14th Annual Meeting - Association for the Study of Law, Culture & the Humanities

Las Vegas, Nevada
Friday, March 11, 2011

14th Annual Meeting - Association for the Study of Law, Culture & the Humanities
Friday, March 11, 2011 - Saturday, March 12, 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to the Association for the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities Conference Registration! Here are a few guidelines you can follow, which will help the program committee best sort out the proposals:

1) PARTICIPATION LIMIT: The organizing committee has asked that participants limit themselves to presenting one individual paper and/or participating in one roundtable or book discussion. (In other words, you may give a paper AND participate in a roundtable or book discussion). ORGANIZING LIMIT: Each registrant can organize up to two panels and two roundtables/book discussions. There is no limit on serving as chairs/discussants – participants may be chairs/discussants for as many panels as they would like. Please note that, as in the past, all panels and papers will be screened by the program committee and not all those proposed may be accepted.

2) PANEL ORGANIZERS:  If you are proposing a panel, roundtable, or book discussion, please have all the information prepared before you begin (you will not have the opportunity to save a partial registration).  You will need: a) the title and description of your panel, b) titles and short abstracts (150 words or less) of all the papers for all the individual panelists (abstracts are required for paper panels only, not for roundtables or book discussions), c) names, institutions, email addresses, and mail addresses of all the individual panelists (including you). You will also need to tell us if you require a room equipped with computer/audio/visual equipment (a "smart" room).

After registering the panel, please ask each of your panelists to register themselves. (They will not need to input their paper abstracts again, just their personal information. Unless each panelist registers separately, he or she will not receive email updates from the program committee chair or be given the opportunity for the on-line registration discount. Those participants who are already registered as "organizers" or "proposing individual papers" do not need to register twice).

3) INDIVIDUAL PAPERS:  If you are proposing an individual paper, you will need to input a title and abstract before your registration will be accepted. Please have your title and abstract ready before you begin.  Paper abstracts are limited to 150 words.  If the program commit accepts your paper, it will be assigned to a panel.

4) PARTICIPANTS IN ORGANIZED PANELS:  If you are part of a panel, roundtable, or book discussion that has already been registered by your chair or organizer, you will not need to input your abstract, just your personal information. Please register as "participating in a panel/roundtable organized by someone else." If you are a panel organizer or you are proposing an individual paper in addition to being part of a panel organized by someone else, there is no need to register twice.

5) ATTENDING ONLY:  If you are registering so you can attend the conference, but you do not plan to participate formally (as a chair, discussant, paper presenter, or roundtable participant), please register as an "attendee only."  Attendee-only registration will be available after January 1, 2011.

6) RETURNING MEMBERS:  If you registered for the conference last year and you are registering with the same email address this year, you will find that your profile is still in the system.  You will be given a chance to update your personal information in your existing profile.

7) DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: Panels, roundtables, and paper proposals will not be accepted by the system after October 15, 2010.

8) FEE PAYMENT:  After the submission process is closed on October 15th, the program committee will compile the program. As noted above, the program committee actively screens proposals and not all submissions will be accepted. The program committee will communicate its decisions to submitters by mid-December. All submitters who have had their proposals accepted, as well as “attendee only” registrants, will be able to pay conference registration fees online beginning January 1, 2011. We strongly encourage participants and attendees to use the online system for the payment of registration fees. An additional fee of $10 will be charged to those who do not use the online payment system and pay their registration fees on-site at the conference.  

9) GRADUATE STUDENT TRAVEL FUND:  When you pay your registration fees, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the graduate student travel fund.  The organizing committee will use these donations to expand the graduate student stipends we will award for our 2013 conference at Birkbeck University of London.  Thank you in advance for your generosity! 

10) REGISTRATION TIPS AND TROUBLESHOOTING: You should log on to the registration system when you have all of the necessary information at hand.  You will not be able to save your registration in progress and return to it at a later time for completion.  If you encounter an error and are not able to pass through to the next page, scroll to the top to find specifics on the fields you have missed and look for yellow yield signs next to each item that has been flagged with missing information.
11) CO-AUTHORED PAPERS:  Please indicate coauthors in the paper abstract field and explain if they will also be co-presenting.  If more than one author will be presenting, only one need submit the abstract.  The other(s) should register as "participating in a panel organized by someone else" even if the co-authored paper has not been assigned to a panel yet.


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