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  APPLICATION for DHS/FEMA Funded Courses      
How to Apply
For each course, fill out one application.  Follow steps 1-6 below.  Qualifying individuals must be from state, local, or tribal organizations. Funding is not available for-profit businesses or federal employees. Call SERTC Administration at (719) 584-0584 with any questions.
Steps 1 - 6

  1. Find a course Please select your top three choices of dates per one course (e.g., HERS10-20, HERS10-21, HERS10-22).  Seats are assigned by availability of your three choices.

  2. Get approval through your internal chain of command.

  3. State Administrative Agency's Training Point of Contact (SAA TPOC) information:
      - Name

  4. Take required prerequisites: Click the buttons below to take required online training NIMS/ICS 100 (IS-100.b), NIMS/ICS 200 (IS-200.b), NIMS/ICS 700 (IS--700.a).


  Take additional prerequisite NIMS/ICS 300 (IS-300) if you are attending LMSTI training.  IS-300 is a State-administered program—coded as G-300. Please contact your SAA about signing up for this course.  More info...

5. Forward Email.  After completing online prerequisite NIMS ICS training, you will receive a certificate by email. Forward the email to your SAA and copy If you are having trouble saving your certificates, click here for tips on saving your certificates.

6. Start the application: Choose one >>>