2018 (REM) Register for PHMSA - Responding to Flammable Liquids Transported by Rail

Responding to Incidents
Involving Flammable Liquids Transported by Rail
Course Description:

This 8-hour remote site training will be delivered to volunteer and rural area first responders who will be exposed to the potential harm caused by transportation of flammable liquid by rail incidents, so that they can plan to coordinate their responses in an effective and efficient manner. Participants will learn the importance of developing strategies while responding to these rail incidents, which allows them to remain flexible in adjusting their actions to any changing events that may occur during an incident. Key success factors presented in the course will be effective planning, communication, and coordination.

The course is designed to assist local emergency responders to recognize the significant aspects of flammable liquid rail transportation emergencies and the difficulties involved in containing large quantities of the flammable liquids that may be released by an incident as well as mitigating fire incidents that may occur.

Participants will recognize the potential scope of incidents involving flammable liquids transported by rail and the need to identify other agencies and organizations for help in planning and responding to these types of emergencies.
The course meets the requirements of 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.120 (q) (8) and NFPA 472: Standard for Competence of Responders to Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents, 2013 edition, supports the National Preparedness Goal of enhancing community core capabilities, and is fully compliant with the National Incident Management System.

  • The requestors should be from remote or volunteer US-based rural emergency response organizations and should come from the Emergency Manager, Fire Chief, Training Officers, or those that will be the hosting organization. By having these individuals make the request it will assist in delivering the training to the right locations.
  • A minimum 15-day advance notice is required to schedule & register.
  • Potential Participants will meet the following requirements:
    a. Remote or volunteer US-based Rural Emergency Responder,
    b. Non-Federal employee, and
    c. Certify there is freight rail passing through your jurisdiction
  • A maximum of 40 participants per location per session. Each session is 8 hours in length.
  • The site location needs to have a classroom setting for 40 participants, and an outside area to place our 27-ft trailer (i.e., parking lot, engine bay, apron, etc.).
  • Meals are not provided by SERTC; the host may/may not offer meals at their own discretion. If no meals provided, we suggest hosting the class accessible to restaurants.
  • Please allow up to 3 working days for a response to your training request(s). Filling out the request online does not guarantee training.

Contact Information

  • SERTC Administration: (719) 584-0584