TIES 608 - Ecotourism Management

TIES 608 - Ecotourism Management

Ecotourism Management

Ecotourism has proven to be an economically viable alternative for attracting tourism revenue without compromising local community values or degrading the environment. This course provides the tools needed by tourism planners, conservationists, businesses and communities to work together to develop ecotourism plans and products that will attract and accommodate the ecotourist while conserving natural resources and benefiting local people. Designed to help you understand the unique structure of the ecotourism industry, the course provides the most recent information on ecotourism marketing approaches and product development. Course topics include:
  • Understand the basic elements of ecotourism, the market and market trends
  • Assess the potential of individual and group ecotourist specialty markets
  • Use green guidelines for operating a successful ecotourism business
  • Analyze and address the special needs of ecotourists and local communities
  • Establish an ecotourism planning process at the local and regional levels
  • Develop trip circuits and travel packages that are safe and offer a wide variety of experiences
  • Understand the vital role of interpretation and education in adding value

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