TIES 601 - Sustainable Tourism Assessment & Development*

TIES 601 - Sustainable Tourism Assessment & Development*

Sustainable Tourism Assessment & Development

The rapid growth of tourism worldwide has created many challenges and opportunities for established and emerging tourism destinations. This course looks at how to conduct a tourism assessment to examine tourism potential, and how to measure the potential costs and benefits of a tourism development program. Course topics include:
  • Use tourism to expand economic development and to improve the quality of life for your destination
  • Develop a community leadership model
  • Compile visitor profiles and economic impact data
  • Survey resident attitudes regarding tourism and its development
  • Conduct visioning and goal setting activities with your stakeholders
  • Assess tourism potential using a demand-driven marketing approach
  • Conduct a preliminary competitive-advantage analysis, using attraction and
  • facility inventory techniques
  • Identify potential projects that contribute to economic development or investment promotion goals
  • Implement social, economic, and environmental project analyses
  • Establish strategic alliances and partnerships

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