International Association for the Study of the Commons Old

International Association for the Study of the Commons Old

Dear Prospective Member:

Participation in IASC is open to all persons interested in the study of common pool resources, community based natural resources, natural property management, and other related topics. Memberships are available to both individuals and institutions. As an individual member, you are eligible to participate in all association programs and activities, to hold office in the Association, vote for Association officers, and to vote on all matters related to changes in our governing documents. Institutional members are non-voting and are not entitled to reduced membership rates at our conferences.

IASC membership includes the following benefits:

  • Subscription to The Commons Digest, IASC's quarterly publication
  • Up-to-date compilations of CPR-related publications
  • Discounted IASC conference and publication rates
  • Access to a worldwide network of experts
  • Announcements, such as job-openings, fellowships, and information about future conferences and upcoming events.

    The IASC membership year is on a rolling basis (starts from the date you register). In order to receive the membership registration rate at our conferences, your membership application must be received three-months prior to all meetings.

    Individual membership dues are based on income as listed in the categories below:

    US incomes $50,000 and above dues are $100.00
    US incomes $20,000-49,999 dues are $50.00
    US incomes $19,999 and below dues are $10.00

    Institutional membership dues are US$120.00. Membership payments supports Association activities, your subscription to the Common Property Resource Digest, and will entitle you to the member's registration rate at IASC Conferences.

    Payments may be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). Payments by check can only be accepted from US banks or a US correspondent bank. For example, Svenska bank checks specify "Drawee Bank: Chase Manhattan Bank NA." The State Bank of India and many other major banks have similar relationships with US banks. International bank money orders (such as Barclay's and international postal money orders are also acceptable. Please make sure that all checks drafted to the IASC list the amount in US dollars. If your situation prevents you from remitting payment by any of the above methods, but you wish to continue your membership, please indicate that on the form and write a brief explanation on the form. (Article IIA of the Bylaws provides for the possibility of "in-kind" payments as an alternative to payment in money). In this instance, we will carry you on the membership records as a member for this membership year. We expect that you will submit payment if your situation changes or if you are able to travel to the general meeting.

    We look forward to receiving your Membership Application!

    Jim Robson
    IASC Executive Director


    Contact Information

    • Luz Aliette Hernandez
      Membership Secretary

      IASC Secretariat
      Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales
      Circuito Mario de la Cueva
      Ciudad Universitaria
      Mexico City, DF
      C.P. 04510, MEXICO
      Phone: 52 55 5622 7423
      Fax: 52 55 5622 7508

    Payment Instructions

    • Discover, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted.

      If you need to pay by a method other than credit card please email IASC for details.
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