2011 Fall - Giftwork Training Essentials

Building a better society, by helping companies transform their workplaces.

Great Place to Work® Institute Presents:

Giftwork© Training Essentials
A 1-day preview of our powerful new approach to training mid-level and frontline managers.

The foundation of every great workplace is TRUST between employees and management.


Building a high-trust work environment doesn’t always require expensive HR programs. It’s about management behaviours that can be learned and embedded into your workplace culture.

Great Place to Work® Institute is the #1 worldwide provider of workplace assessments and we know what it takes to be the best.


This dynamic training session challenges your people managers to think differently about their daily interactions with employees. Since research confirms that there is a strong correlation between high-trust work environments and an organization’s financial performance, it is essential that all mangers understand the pivotal nature of their role in supporting quality jobs and performance excellence.


The foundation of every great workplace is TRUST


This graph illustrates independent research conducted by the Russell Investment Group (2011) documenting the superior financial performance of high-trust companies as selected by Great Place to Work® Institute and published in Fortune magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For”.


We’ll give your front-line leaders the tools they need to cultivate a high-trust working environment where innovation, collaboration, and productivity thrive.

What you will learn from this session:

  • Understand the science behind creating a great workplace culture.
  • Gain a rare insight into the people practices utilized in the world’s Best Workplaces.
  • Learn to adapt these Best Practices in a way that works for your organization.
  • Learn to identify key management moments for high-impact change.
  • Practice trust-building behaviours that support organizational credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie.

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