Substitute Teaching: Tools and Tips for Success

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Substitute Teaching: Tools and Tips for Success

an OPEN NH self-paced online tutorial

Online Self-Paced Tutorial Model

The main content of the tutorial is provided in the Unit Content sections. Each unit content section has the unit number and the title of the unit, along with a brief description of the contents and activities that will engage you in the tutorial. To begin each unit, click on the Unit Assignments link, which will open up the Unit Page which has the assignment for the unit.

The unit page has the unit Overview, Goals, and Assignments for you to complete in the unit. The assignments will help you achieve the goals of the unit and should be completed in total. The assignments may be links to website for reading, or may ask that you access files from the Tutorial Resources folder do something with them. There are normally several ways to access the materials, which may include links to off site, references to materials in the folder, and embedded materials from outside sites such as Scribd or YouTube. When the materials are outside links, the actual web address is provided for you in the Reading Links section. If you have trouble or difficulty accessing the material in one way, you may be able to access it in another way.

After completing all the readings and assignments in the unit, click on the Unit Assessments link in the Unit Content section and follow the instructions for taking the assessment to complete the unit. When you have completed all the units and submitted all the assessments, don't forget to submit a Tutorial Completion notice.

About the Substitute Teaching: Tools and Tips for Success self-paced tutorial.

This online tutorial will provide you with some basic knowledge and skills necessary for being an effective substitute teacher. Proper preparation before substituting in a school or district will greatly increase your confidence and comfort level when facing the students who will be with you in the classroom. This tutorial is designed to help you better understand the conditions and responsibilities necessary for being a substitute teacher. You will get a brief overlook of the situation in education today and understand how teachers and students fit into the changing landscape. You will explore some basic skills and techniques for teaching lessons to students and review some strategies for managing any behavioral issues that you may encounter. Finally, you will get a basic understanding of the kinds of required policies and procedures that schools require, including the NH required pupil safety policy. As you complete each unit of the tutorial, you will be asked to submit an online assessment. Once your assessments for all of the units are submitted and evaluated, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for 5 hours of professional development for this tutorial training. This certificate can be used to demonstrate to your school(s) that you have completed basic training in substitute teaching.

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    NH Department of Education

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  • The registration fee for this self-paced tutorial is $25.00.

    Note:  District cohort registration is done through a different process.  Please do not use the online registration link above if you are part of a district cohort group.

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    Mail check to:

    Stan Freeda, OPEN NH Project Coordinator

    NH Department of Education

    101 Pleasant St

    Concord, NH 03301

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