How to FIGHT eCommerce Credit Card Fraud for Small to Medium Businesses

New York, NY
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
How to FIGHT eCommerce Credit Card Fraud for Small to Medium Businesses
Tuesday, October 23, 2007 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

The New Yorker Hotel
481 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10001

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"Fraudsters love Christmas just as much retailers do.." Take a day to learn how you can detect and prevent online fraud.

At The Fraud Practice we understand that small and medium businesses have limited financial and personnel resources to fight eCommerce credit card fraud. So we have created a condensed resource rich training seminar that will not only educate you on how eCommerce fraud is perpetrated but it will provide practical business processes, methods and tools for you to use in your business.

This 6 session 1 day seminar has been designed for businesses that have limited fraud automation and are looking to get the most out of human intervention. The premise is for most small to medium businesses you don't have to spend a fortune to reduce fraud. Our approach is not to just teach theory or concepts, but to show practical examples, methods and resources to help your business detect and manage fraud.

Session Topics:

  • How online Credit Card Payments Work
  • eCommerce Credit Card Fraud Fundamentals
  • Fraud Signals - What should you be looking for?
  • Identity Authentication and Verification - How can you authenticate and verify the data your customer is providing you
  • Third party fraud tools that work and are free, or cost pennies per transaction, to run
  • Handling Risk on 3rd party transactions (eBay, uBid, PayPal, Google Checkout..)

 ** seating is limited, so reserve your spot early!

Session One: How eCommerce Credit Card Payment Work
A fundamentals session that covers the credit card process flow defining each of the "payment players". It reviews payment concepts such as authorizations, settlements, reversals, chargebacks and the credit card association's high risk programs. Finally it discusses the costs associated with credit card processing, and compares taking credit cards online with third party payment types such as PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon.

Session Two: eCommerce Credit Card Fraud Fundamentals
The session is intended to be a “fundamentals” session, providing participants foundation level knowledge about the theories, best practices and terminology surrounding electronic payment fraud. This session is presented in a standard format covering the history of eCommerce Fraud, consumer fraud, merchant fraud, fraudster motivation, fraud trends, identity verification and phishing.

Session Three: Fraud Signals - What should you be looking for?
A powerful session, covering the data patterns, combinations and usage patterns associated with fraud. In short, if you are looking at an order from a customer, and your trying to determine if the order is good or bad, what should you be looking for? This session also discusses the use cases and effectiveness of common fraud prevention tools such as AVS, card security codes, negative lists, velocities, gibberish checks, tumbling and swapping to name a few.

Session Four: Identity Authentication & Identity Verification
How well do you know your customer? Without a doubt the most critical component of managing risk from online orders is in being able to establish a comfort in your customer’s identity. In this session you will learn how authentication and verification work together to increase reliability while reducing false positives. If you are like most businesses you are probably doing one or the other very well, but let us show you how to fully realize their potential by balancing your checks. Additionally we will review free and low cost tools and resources for verifying a customer’s identity.
Session Five: Third Party Fraud Tools

There comes a point when you have to look at adding a third party tool or service to help you weed out the bad orders, or to prioritize the orders you want to focus your manual reviews on. In this session we will discuss the fraud prevention tools and services available on the market today. Emphasis will be placed on how you should approach the evaluation of third party tools and services. The session will also discuss the services and tools you can try to duplicate on your own, while outlining the low cost services that provide the biggest bang for the buck.

Session Six: Handling risk on Alternative Payments and Auction Sites
Are you using alternative payment methods such as PayPal, Google Checkout or Amazon to process payments? Do you do business on auction sites such as eBay, uBid or Craigs list? One of the biggest challenges to fighting fraud from alternative payment types, is that most of these services increase the transparency of the customer by limiting what information is shared with a merchant. In this session we will discuss fraud attacks that are most closely associated with the most well known alternative payment types and auction sites. We will also cover the fraud indicators these services provide for businesses to evaluate risk. 


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    only $399.00

    Your Registration Includes:
    • Attendence for 1 person
    • Coffee & Sodas
    • Lunch
    • Copy of the book "Fraud Prevention Techniques for Credit Card Fraud" by David Montague
    • Paper Copies of all slides
    Please Note payment in full is required prior to the date of the seminar.
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