Camp i-Sci 2016

Fort Myers, Florida
Monday, March 28, 2016

Camp i-sci

Camp i-Sci 2016
Monday, March 28, 2016 - Friday, August 05, 2016

Imaginarium Science Center
2000 Cranford Avenue
Fort Myers, Florida 33916
United States

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Camp i-sci

Integrated Curriculum
Small Class Sizes
Professional Staff

 Robotics, Rocketry, Engineering, Chemistry, Forensic Science, Animals

Camp i-sci makes science fun with some art, history, & math thrown in for good measure! Themed weekly sessions include immersive science discovery labs, educational hands-on activities, games, crafts, special guests, & exhibit exploration.  Innovative integrated curriculum fosters curiosity & an overall love of learning.
Build a robot, launch a rocket, investigate a crime scene, or walk on water with a little help from colloidal chemistry!

Week 1: June 13th-17th - SOLD OUT

NanoScience: Zoom into Nano!
A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter…that’s tiny!  Grab your magnifying glass-it’s time to get nano!  Discover the science of small and see how we are creating new technologies that are used at the nanoscale. Learn how making observations at the nanoscale can help us understand things like self-cleaning plants, sand that can clean up oil spills, and clothes that can’t get dirty! We bet your mom will want to sign you up after hearing that last one!

Members/City of Ft. Myers Employees: $170/week
Non-Members: $210/week


Week 2: June 20th-24th

Chemistry—Kitchen to KABOOM! - SOLD OUT

Combine a pinch of science and a dash of fun to concoct some super substances!  Conduct fun experiments using normal, everyday kitchen ingredients….some of which you can actually eat.  Measure and mix ingredients to get the right combination of some cool colloidal chemistry, conduct explosive experiments, and explore rockin’ reactions as you learn to control the amazing power of chemistry!

Members/City of Ft. Myers Employees: $170/week
Non-Members: $210/week

Week 3: June 27th-July 1st

Radical Rocketry - SOLD OUT
Physics has never looked so cool! Experiment with energy, forces, and interaction as you take flight in a paper airplane contest, play a little Bernoulli ball, and make a pop with air pressure. Explore the scientific principles of flight and rocketry as you use creative techniques to construct custom kites and build and launch model rockets! Get prepared to take LAUNCH as this camp is out of this world!

Members/City of Ft. Myers Employees: $170/week
Non-Members: $210/week

Week 4: July 5th-8th  

***No Camp July 4th***

Grossology: Science of Strange- Sold Out!

Yuck!  Get ready to get gross at camp as we discuss the disgusting!  Are snakes slimy?  What is owl puke?  How does your nose make so much snot??  You’ll find the answers to those questions and gain much more revolting knowledge because this week is all about uncovering all that is unpleasant. Be prepared to get weird as you learn all about the science of the bizarre!

Members/City of Ft. Myers Employees: $130/week
Non-Members: $170/week

Week 5: July 11th-15th

Crime Time: i-Sci Investigators - Sold Out!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a CSI agent?  Pick up your magnifying glass and join the Imaginarium detectives to collect clues and use your scientific savvy to solve some super science mysteries.  With a little help from forensic science, i-Sci Investigators can trace the scientific facts to crack some cryptic cases. This camp includes a special presentation by Forensic Scientists.

Members/City of Ft. Myers Employees: $170/week
Non-Members: $210/week

Week 6: July 18th-22nd

Engineering through Robotics! -SOLD OUT

Join the Imaginarium in exploring the exciting worlds of engineering and robotics!  Experiment with architecture, fabrication, and the engineering design process while creating super structures and inventions.  Explore electricity, but don’t short circuit as you explore the science behind robotics and build your own radical robot to take home!  You will need to be in high-performance mode to meet our robotics challenge, as you tinker with technology to build your own mechanical masterpiece to take home!

Members/City of Ft. Myers Employees: $170/week
Non-Members: $210/week

Week 7: July 25th-29th

Tech Talk: Explorations into Technology - Sold Out!

Technology is EVERYWHERE!  It is your smartphone, your house, a pencil; almost anything made by humans that solves a problem!  Join the Imaginarium in exploring some recent advances in technology through programming, circuitry, and electronics.  Leave a tech wizard as you think creatively to program an interactive story and even light up some LEDs! 

Members/City of Ft. Myers Employees: $170/week
Non-Members: $210/week

Week 8: August 1st-5th

Animal Adventures - REGISTRATION OPEN!

Meet creatures large and small, furry and feathered, shelled and spineless, for an amazing adventure through the animal kingdom! Go behind the scenes in the Animal Lab as a caretaker’s apprentice, feed the stingrays in the SEA-to-SEE Touch Tanks, then learn to identify and classify many of our animal friends by their distinguishing characteristics and features for a totally taxonomic good time!

Members/City of Ft. Myers Employees: $170/week
Non-Members: $210/week


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