OSCELOT: Open Source Day III

Las Vegas, Nevada
Saturday, July 12, 2008

OSCELOT: Open Source Day III
Saturday, July 12, 2008 - Sunday, July 13, 2008

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada

Please join us for the third annual Open Source Day where we'll gather to exchange ideas and experiences about developing open source software that benefits education. 

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for you to
  • connect with others from around the world who are passionate about open source educational technology
  • participate in working sessions to develop requirements for new technologies
  • learn about how open source software is impacting education

The outcomes of Open Source Day have resulted in the development and release of a number of open source tools that benefit a broad educational community.  Come learn how you can be a part of this and make an impact on education!

OSCELOT is an open volunteer community that welcomes all who are interested in developing, sharing, and exploring open source learning objects and tools for the educational community.  To learn more visit our website at www.oscelot.org.

BTW,  we have set up a social networking site at http://osdiii.crowdvine.com .  Registrants are starting to share profiles and photos of themselves as well as interests and comments.

International Gaming Institute, Stan Fulton Building
University of Nevada Las Vegas

Stan Fulton Building: International Gaming Institute, UNLV is the building is located on the northwest corner of campus at the intersection of Flamingo and Swenson. It is building number 55 on this PDF map which shows the UNLV campus and the general location of the Fulton Gaming Institute.

Directions from the airport, or strip, or most hotels
Drive towards Flamingo Rd and head east on Flamingo. Cross Swenson Street and make the next right turn on to the Flamingo Access Road (There is no traffic light). You will see large solar panels on your right. Drive past the solar panels and make a right into the parking lot. Continue to drive around the solar site and recycling center and park in the lot marked “T” on the UNLV map.  Park in any student or staff spot in lot “T” and walk across a small bridge to the Fulton Gaming Institute. [Google Map]

Directions specifically from the Palazzo hotel
Head northeast on S Las Vegas Blvd towards Sands Ave
Turn right at Sands Ave
Turn right at Paradise Rd
Turn left at Flamingo Rd
Turn right at Xanthippe Ln (first street after Swenson - there is no light here also known as the Flamingo Accss Road)
Stan Fulton will be on the right and you can turn towards the parking before the Boys and Girls Club next to the Rebel Recycling Center.
This route is 2.2 miles.

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Conference Registration Fees
    $125.00 for Early Bird registration (before 15th April 2008)
    $135.00 regular registration  (15th April - 15 June 2008)
    $145.00 (after 15 June 2008)


We are delighted to confirm our two keynote speakers:

Jeff KahnJeff Kahn has been working in the area of repository interoperability for years. Jeff's work has focused on development and exposition of the Repository Open Services Interface Definition or Repository OSID (www.okiproject.org) and facilitating its adoption in a number of commercial and open-source projects.For Open Repositories 2008, the focus will be on work Jeff has contributed to the SOURCE Project, The Bloomsbury Colleges, University of London. Jeff has been working on the development of repository migration tools that include access to the Blackboard Content System. Jeff has also worked with the SOURCE Project, MIT, Dartmouth, Northwestern, and Blackboard on an open source Blackboard Building Block for federated search of repositories.

Jeff Kahn will share some of his experiences in working on more than 50 repository-related, open activities.  After reviewing his areas of focus, he will review a case-study or two from these projects, and then discuss what he has found people mean when they say "open source".  Jeff will then discuss interoperability standards, particular those related to repositories, closing with some person observations about the industry.

Michael WilderAccording to the University of Nevada website, destiny has led Michael Wilder on a dual career path of both education and technology.  The result is a hybrid individual with skills and perspective from both fields. He worked as teacher and trainer in a variety of environments, serving, among other positions, as Blackboard administrator, Online Learning Specialist, and college faculty (web design, web-based multimedia, networking, programming, desktop publishing, essential computer applications, and much more). Michael specializes in web-based education and the educational use of open-source technology. He has presented at major conferences, and has consulted to schools districts and colleges. Michael received his B.A. in English from UCLA, and received his master's degree in Educational Leadership, with emphasis on computer-based education, from Gonzaga University.

Michael will be giving a talk entitled Commercial vs. Open Source Learning Management Systems:  Weighing the Issues. When it comes to learning management systems, many educational institutions would rather pay large corporations vast amounts of money rather than invest in their own technical infrastructure using open source solutions.   What are some of the issues that hold such institutions back from considering non-commercial alternatives?  What are some of the challenges both commercial and open source learning management system developers face in order to satisfy the needs of educational institutions?  He will review the issues related to commercial vs. open source learning management systems, ask you to contribute your own observations, and come to your own informed conclusions.

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