3HO Foundation International Women's Camp 2008

Espanola, NM
Sunday, June 28, 2009

Women-In-Training Camp 2008
Espanola, New Mexico

3HO Foundation International Women's Camp 2008
Sunday, June 28, 2009 12:00 PM -
Sunday, July 05, 2009 11:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Shakti Valley
Guru Ram Das Puri
Espanola, NM 87532

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Women-In-Training Camp 2008


~ awaken ~ empower ~ celebrate ~

We invite you to join us at the Women-In-Training 2008 in the sacred mountains of northern New Mexico. Yogi Bhajan started the tradition of Women's Camp in 1976 with the intention to stretch physical and spiritual horizons of women, challenge them with the unique empowering technology of specialized Kundalini Yoga for women, and give them a well-deserved time away from their duties!  

This year we continue to share the endearing experience of Women-In-Training Camp with you. Join us and boost your spiritual practice with intensive meditations, yoga sets and spirited chanting. Take a break from your responsibilities and dissolve your physical limitations with Yogi Bhajan's specialized Physical Training sets, outdoor challenges and camping under the panoramic skies of the high desert.

Shakti Valley is the home of the Women-In-Training Camp Espanola 2008. We will have two large classroom tent pitched in around the Peace Tree.

This year we are hosting Women's Camp at Ram Das Puri, which is the Summer Solstice site. (Click HERE for driving directions to Ram Das Puri) Yogi Bhajan spoke about the extraordinary healing and transformation which occurs on this sacred land of the Tewa Pueblo People who meditated here for hundreds of years. Yogi Bhajan explained that this land was used for sacred healing before it came into our hands in 1974. He said that tribes from both South America and North America gathered here to celebrate and participate in the Sacred Healing Walk.

Women-In-Training Camp FAQ

What is available to assist us handle the summer heat?
We will have a few water misting (rain tents) in Shakti Valley and electrical fans in many of the teaching tents. We will also have electrolytes and watermelon available throughout the day, and plenty of drinking water from our deep well.

Where will the drinking water located?
The showers and water faucets are located close to the teaching tents. The water well is +150 feet deep.

What toilets are available?
We will have chemical toilets in Shakti Valley. Flush toilets are a 2-5 minute walk.

Is there electricity available for us?
The two main teaching tents in Shakti Valley have electricity however the camping areas do not have electricity so bring your battery or solar flash lights and lanterns. NO CANDLES because extreme fire danger.

What about the food preparation and service?
We will be using the large Solstice kitchen which is a 5-10 minute walk from Shakti Valley. The meals will be transported down to Shakti Valley where we will eat at picnic tables under the Peace Tree.

How many women attend this event?
Registration is almost on target with 100 women. Please register on-line by June 6. After June 6, please email hnsk@3HO.org so that we can adequately prepare for you.

What is the program and who are the teachers?
Click HERE for the program.

What are the driving instructions?
Starting from the Albuquerque, take I-25 North towards Santa Fe.

• Upon entering Santa Fe city limits, take St. Francis Drive/Highway 285 Exit. Drive through Santa Fe on Hwy 285/84 towards Espanola (approximately 25 miles).

• In the town of Espanola, Hwy 285/84 turns into Riverside Drive. Follow Riverside Drive until you come to Fairview Drive (There is a Bank of America on your left). Turn left onto Fairview. The next stoplight (across the bridge) is Paseo de Onate.

• Turn right onto Paseo de Onate. A half a block down, look for the 3HO sign on your left and then turn left onto a partially paved road. You will see the New Mexico State Police Building on your right just after you turn.

PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY as the road from Espanola to the site is mostly unpaved. Look for the 3HO signs located along the road as you drive.
Follow this road up the mountain for approximately 8 miles. The turn off to Ram Das Puri is on your right.

What will be available for children at Women's Camp?

The Toddlers Program serves 1 -3 year old children from 10 AM - 12 PM and 1:30 - 4:00 PM. Their mothers will be participating in the Toddler Missel and will assist in their care.

The Teen Program is for 12 - 17 year old young women. Madhur Nain Webster will facilitate their activities within the camp program as well as present special classes and activities. 

The Khalsa Youth Camp (KYC), which is located 8-10 minutes from Shakti Valley at Ram Das Puri, will offer a full camp for boys and girls 4 - 12 years. Children under 5 years old may attend the KYC day camp and tent with their mothers.

Please email Women's Camp Coordinator, Hari Nam Simran Kaur (hnsk@3HO.org), with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you.

Each of seven days of camp will enhance your spiritual and personal growth so you can return to your family, friends and work with the altitude and attitude of a woman of grace, nobility and stability of identity. See you in New Mexico!

 Specialized Women's Teachings              Yogi Bhajan's Physical Training Sets (PT)
 Women-In-Training Yogi Technology          Live Spirited Mantra Chanting
 Sacred Healing Circle Walk Outdoor Physical Challenges
 Hiking         Gatka Self-defense 
 Bangra Dance Gurdwara, Gurmukhi & Kirtan
 Women of Spirit Sacred Community of Women 

When a woman leaves this camp, she should go with her very inner fiber totally filled with absolute nobility. That is what is intended.~ Yogi Bhajan


"Take away Women’s Camp and there are no teachings of the Age of Aquarius."
Yogi Bhajan, Women-In-Training Camp, June 30, 2000

Village of Women

The vast skies and enchanted land of New Mexico will host our sacred circle of women. Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan are the core of Women-In-Training Camp and the 150 women from around the globe enrich the diversity of our village. Women are ages are invited to explore and share their experience. Children from infant to 3 years are included in program. Older children, ages 3 - 12, can attend
Khalsa Youth Camp which is held also at Ram Das Puri.

Women's Camp will create a "Shakti Village" on the Ram Das Puri land. Classes will be held in our traditional "big top tent" as well as other tents and under the shade of various trees. Accommodations are tents. Most women bring there own however we do have a limited supply of tents to rent...please reserve them early! The camp provides simple showers. There are portable toilets. Bring your camera to capture the magnificent panoramic skies!

Women's Camp is organized using a missel system where smaller groups of 10 - 12 women function as a family unit for discussions, service duties or specific activities. A limited number of service scholarships are available for women who are interested to assist with more extensive camp duties.

For more details about the Women-In-Training Camp click above on: CAMP DETAILS, PROGRAM and REGISTRATION        

Click HERE to download Women-In-Training Camp Orientation Package. 

 Click HERE for information about Shakti Scholarship options.



“I attribute the personal and spiritual growth I have attained in the last two years to Women’s Camp. I am inspired to be healthy and happy.”   ~ M.Spinetti

“Connect with my spirit in a safe environment with women.”  ~ K.Kelly

“These women are MY spiritual community.”   ~ M.Grillet


Contact Information

    (Camp Information)
    Tel +1 (505) 367-1302

    (Directions, Camp Details,
    Toll Free (888) 346-2420
    Tel +1 (505) 367-1326

Payment Instructions

  • Payment options

    Credit Card
    3HO only accepts Visa and Master Card. If you are paying by credit card, be sure to select the credit card payment option above and you will be taken to a new payment screen.

    All payments to 3HO are in US funds drawn on a US bank, either a check or a money order. Please make check or money order to "3HO WOMEN - Espanola"

    You will be charged $20 for handling any checks returned unpaid.

    If you are paying by check or money order, be sure to select the pay by check option above and continue processing your payment. You will need to mail in your check after completing your on-line registration.

    Please note that all checks must be received no later than 
    June 6, 2008.

    After June 11, 2008, on-line registration will be closed, but do not be discouraged onsite registration will be available when you arrive.

    Sat Nam.

    Please mail checks and money orders to:
    Women's Camp
    6 Narayan Crt
    New Mexico


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