Aruba ClearPass Advanced Labs

Oxford, Oxfordshire
Monday, 04 March 2019
Aruba ClearPass Advanced Labs
Monday, 04 March 2019 09:30 -
Friday, 08 March 2019 17:00 (GMT)

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ARU-CPA: ClearPass Advanced Labs 

Course Description 
This course prepares participants who are familiar with ClearPass products to master their knowledge through a series of challenging lab exercises, under the guidance of an Aruba Instructor. In this course, participants are presented with customer case studies, and are required to design ClearPass services, and integrate network devices to meet the customer’s requirements.

The CPA course provides the underlying material required to prepare candidates for the Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert (ACCX) v6.5 certification exam.

Intended Audience 
Ideal candidates are networking professionals who are familiar with ClearPass products, and are looking to master their ClearPass implementation skills across various Network Access Infrastructure Devices. 

Course Prerequisites 
Attendance of the ClearPass Essentials (CPE) training course or ACCP certification.

Course Contents 

  • Data and Management Port Configuration 
    • Hardware and Data Management Ports 
    • Best Practices 
    • Services Routing and Tech Note 
  • Guest Authentication 
    • Web Login Process 
    • Pre Auth Check 
    • Self Registration Process 
    • Registration Back End 
  • Posture and OnGuard 
    • OnGuard Agents 
    • Policy Flow 
    • Posture Tokens 
    • Access Tracker Output 
    • WebAuth Service 
    • OnGuard Dissolvable Agent Workflow 
  • SQL Basic Knowledge 
    • What is SQL 
    • Common Commands 
    • Connecting ClearPass Database 
  • External SQL Database 
    • Query Database 
    • Building Authorization Source 
    • Use New Authorization Source 
    • How to add 
  • Cisco WLC Initial Setup 
    • Set 
    • Disable 
    • Configure 
  • Instant vs Controller 
  • Cisco Switch NAD and 802.1x Wired Service 
    • Global Configuration 
    • Port Configuration 
  • Cisco WLC vs Aruba Controller 
  • Cisco Wired Guest 
    • Cisco Switch Global Configuration 
    • Cisco Switch Port Configuration 
    • Cisco Switch RADIUS Attributes 
    • Cisco Switch Guest Authentication 
  • 3rd Party MDM 
    • Other Collectors 
    • Profiling Fingerprint Updates 
    • 3rd Party MDM Using 
    • Profiling Data in Enforcement 
    • Profiling on 802.1x Networks 
  • ClearPass Cluster 
    • ClearPass Cluster Virtual IP 
    • HTTPS Server Certificate 
    • Radius Server Certificate 
    • Multiple Server Deployments 
  • ClearPass 6.3 to 6.4 update 
    • Platform: Unified Notification 
    • CPPM: MDM Server will not Overwrite Endpoints 
    • OnGuard: Dissolvable Agent 
    • Onboard: Ubuntu Linux Support 
    • Onboard: Chromebook Support - Features 
    • Guest: Admin UO Refactoring 
    • Guest: HCG Mode 
    • Guest: Social Network Logins 
  • ClearPass 6.4 to 6.5 Update 
    • Platform 
    • Profiler 
    • CPPM 
    • OnGuard 
    • Onboard 
    • Guest
5 days


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Payment Instructions

  • Purchase Order or Credit Card Payment is due prior to the course start date. Upon receipt of Purchase Order or Credit Card Payment the course booking will be confirmed.  Invoice credit terms are 30 day from course commencement date.
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