SKA - Arrays

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Square Kilometre Array Design Study - Project Discussion Meetings

A series of meetings to discuss the technical aspects of the implementation of the SKA.

Meeting 1 - 8th October
Low noise, High speed Analogue Electronics
Location:  Manchester, Lowry Hotel

Meeting 3 - 10th February
Antennas and infrastructure for phased arrays
Location: Manchester, Museum of Science and Industry 
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Meeting 2 - 10th December
Overall System, computing and software
Location:  Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory

Meeting 4
Digital Signal Processing
Location: Oxford

SKA - Arrays
Tuesday, 10 February 2009 10:00 - 16:00

Museum of Science and Industry
Liverpool Road
M3 4FP
United Kingdom

The Square Kilometre Array represents one of the most exciting scientific instrument developments currently under design. The industrial opportunities during the forthcoming programme are high.

EKTN meetings on the Square Kilometre Array offer updates on the project status and technical development of the SKA, providing ideal networking opportunities between interested industry and the academic community working on the project.


The next EKTN of the series, on SKA Phased Array Antennas, sets out to brief industry and other parties on the phased arrays status to date.

The meeting will also challenge the audience, in the context of the work so far undertaken, to consider:

   1) Are the problems  the SKA team believe difficult actually already solved elsewhere?
   2) Are the problems felt to be easy actually more demanding?
   3) Are there technology trends which have not been considered which may impact the solution?


A particular feature of the this meeting is that the afternoon is devoted to three thematic workshops to allow maximum knowledge sharing and networking.  The basic themes are:

  • Broad–Band Phased Array Elements: Technology Trends
    Focus: Are there new or revised elements for close packed structures that have not yet been considered for SKA?
  • Mass Manufacturing techniques
    Focus: What manufacturing techniques are available for low cost manufacture of integrated element & LNA for SKA?
  • Low cost antennas for harsh environmental conditions
    Focus: SKA will be deployed in relatively harsh environmental conditions. What are the issues facing the design and what potential solutions are there?

    The SKA research and development programme has to date a high level of industrial engagement. The programme has already funded a number of short study contracts with industry in key technology areas. Looking forward, we now need to consider  areas  where such contracts in the  short term will help  ensure success of the SKA phased array. These short term studies are, of course,  in addition to the manufacturing requirements of the next few years  and beyond.


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