EDUC 59715 Designing K-12 Internet Instruction, Spring '09

Registrants have a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year to complete the course.

EDUC 59715 Designing K-12 Internet Instruction, Spring '09

Distance Education
3 Credits / Graded Pass/No Pass
Self-paced, start anytime
Registrants have a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year to complete the course.

This course is designed for busy educators and offers maximum flexibility
and personal support in a mastery learning format. Participants have one
year to complete eight four-hour lessons and a six-hour final project to receive
their three semester Pass/Fail recertification credits.

This course relates directly to all ISTE NETS standards and 21st Century Literacy themes and is intended as an Intermediate course for those who are already comfortable using the Internet in the K12 classroom. It is strongly recommended participants first take 'Making the Best Use of Internet for K-12 Instruction.'

Students today are “digital natives” that is - the first digital generation. This course is designed for educators seeking to motivate youth through Web 2.0
21st Century tools for written interaction, multimedia content creation and
self-directed learning.

This unique self-directed hands-on course offers a step-by-step guide to 'Painless, Progressive Internet Integration' using your existing curriculum. New Web 2.0 curriculum web-authoring sites (blogs, wikis) are creating easy ways for educators to quickly create their own online curriculum with a minimum of technical skills.

Participants will experience using a robust collection of courseware authoring resources which allow them to create their own online curriculum, from single lessonplans to whole online courses. A listserv creates an ongoing forum for educators to share with each other the best curriculum-authoring resources they have found during this class.

Designing K12 Internet Instruction includes eight units to help you:
  • Learn the easiest new social media Web 2.0 curriculum authoring tools, templates and how to benefit from the best Edu-blogs and Edu-wikis
  • Explore the progressive steps for classroom integration of specific Internet curriculum, course models, and authoring templates
  • Address key online curriculum design issues for K12 classrooms
  • Learn the unique advantages of online instruction and the appropriate applications for online learning.
  • Participate in a peer listserv for convenient sharing the best new resources for specific grade levels and content areas
  • Review top online curriculum models, online course directory sites and create a project-based short term unit
  • Learn about innovation diffusion, change theory, and the impact of online instruction on traditional educational roles.
  • Review key issues concerning marketing your online curriculum; copyright issues, intellectual freedom, promotion and self-employment
New (2008) Web 2.0 resources for this course are at

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