Sustainable Minds Okala LCA Workshop, June 26, 2009

New York, NY
Friday, June 26, 2009

Sustainable Minds Workshop, June 26, 2009

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Material ConneXion, Inc
60 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10010
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If you and your company are committed to creating more environmentally sustainable products, this workshop will equip you to move forward with greater knowledge and credibility. Join Joep Meijer, Terry Swack and the Sustainable Minds team in this groundbreaking workshop.

"I just wanted to say thank you for creating this software. Earlier this year when we were looking at the Okala guide and Okala millipoints, one of our engineers built an Excel workbook to get people to do Okala assessments. Trying to do them even in a simplified way was very cumbersome. We are happy to have this software. It will enable us to integrate this information easily into our process. Thank you."

What you'll learn

  1. Ecodesign principles and product innovation through ecodesign strategies
  2. Life cycle thinking and a whole product systems approach to product design
  3. To have a deeper and practical understanding of what life cycle assessment (LCA) is
  4. How to conduct a Sustainable Minds, Okala-based LCA to produce quantifiable environmental impact results to support design decisions
  5. How to consider integrating SM LCA in your design process and service offerings
This workshop has been designed to enable you to use Sustainable Minds to deliver valuable ecodesign skills and knowledge to your organization now. The agenda includes a combination of lecture and hands-on group work. Read about our first workshop!


Everyone needs to use life cycle thinking and a whole product systems approach: designers, design engineers, product managers, product development directors, sustainability managers, marketers and executives in charge of sustainable development. Because of this, we recommend sending 1+ people from your organization!  We also welcome LCA practitioners and sustainability consultants who wish to expand their service offerings.

Previous workshop participants were from forward thinking and acting organizations such as Whirlpool, Motorola, Farm, Magnet, Celestica, RISD and others.


$295 for workshop only
$995 for workshop and software

When registering for the Workshop, you have two options: one to register just for the workshop itself and the other option is to register for the workshop and receive a 15 month, single user subscription. This is an additional three months on top of our standard annual subscription.

Note: Sustainable Minds is now in beta but not yet publicly available.


Joep Meijer Joep Meijer is owner and president of theRightenvironment in Austin, Texas, and helps clients to define sustainability strategies that result in improvements that can be measured. He graduated from the University of Nijmegen as an environmental chemist trying to define a quantified assessment tool for the sustainability of a paper mill. Since then he has worked as a consultant focusing on the built environment, his main field of expertise. He has worked for all major building materials and branch associations in Europe, and has developed tools for European DOT's for sustainable design and purchasing. He has over 10 years of experience, developing more then a dozen evaluation tools, and has drafted national standards on footprinting. Joep has performed LCA studies for over 300 products.

Joep believes in investing in sustainability where it really matters. He trains design departments in sustainable design sourcing beginning with their own processes and materials and then extending to possible new materials and material uses. Empowering people to making informed decisions towards a more sustainable life and economy is his major driver. Joep enjoys communication, is a great facilitator and dares to dream. He is an expert in quantifying environmental performance using life cycle thinking and life cycle assessment methodologies. By applying these techniques he facilitates clients in making the right decision for sustainability.
 Joep Meijer Terry Swack, Co-founder & CEO Sustainable Minds, is an Internet and environmental entrepreneur and a pioneer in customer experience strategy and design. In 2005, she founded and served as CEO of The Beam and, a Web 2.0 marketplace for consumers, manufacturers, and green building professionals to power the demand for clean and green products and services. In 2002, Terry served as a founding management team member of network security software company StillSecure. Co-leading the product teams, they brought three best-of-breed products to market in 18 months. Her first company TSDesign, an Internet strategy and product design firm, was acquired in 1999 by Razorfish, a global digital services provider.

About Sustainable Minds is an on-demand, Web-based software and information service. At the core is design decision support software that enables environmental life cycle assessment and rapid iteration of product concepts in the earliest stages of design. OkalaTM is the science behind It is the first life cycle assessment methodology for evaluating potential ecological and human health impacts from products used in North America.

Premier strategic relationship

Autodesk has joined with SM to drive awareness and adoption of sustainable design, and to grow the sustainable product design marketplace.


Contact Information

  • Nancy VanBenschoten
    Phone: 603-617-2359
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