Intalio|BPM Training - Montréal, QC, Mai 18 - 20

Montréal, Québec
mardi, 18 mai 2010
Intalio|BPM Training - Montréal, QC, Mai 18 - 20
mardi, 18 mai 2010 - jeudi, 20 mai 2010

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Montréal Québec

BPM Is Real – And Ready For Your Project

Whether you need to ramp up your processes to meet best-in-class standards, or need to bridge a business bottleneck, BPM, along with SOA and workflow, is ready. And you can make your vision a practical reality with Intalio’s three day BPM foundation course.

Will You Benefit From Attending?

Do you want to build your own fully executable BPM process? Do you need to understand key business, technical and architectural issues required for rapid, robust deployment of new BPM-based business processes? The Intalio|BPM course ensures you are well prepared to succeed with today’s competitive edge: BPM.

The class is well suited for IT engineers and system architects, but also for a business analyst or a project manager with an IT background.  In either case, you will be able to easily understand the material. 

Approximately 70% of the skills learned in class are not unique to Intalio; they are easily transferrable to other BPM systems. Therefore if you are simply investigating the potential of BPM and curious about Intalio, this class is for you!

Who Will You Interact With In Training?

The Intalio classes are taught by one of Intalio’s renowned Process Experts.  Intalio believes you should be able to ask questions about real-world processes from someone with years of experience in the field.  The Process Expert at Intalio is someone who actively works with clients on a regular basis in a consulting role, as well as designing and delivering Intalio’s suite of great training, coaching, and mentoring services. 

Justifying Your Investment -- Training Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this class you will have a detailed knowledge of what the Intalio Business Process Platform system does and how it can work in your business environment.  You will cut the guesswork out of BPM project planning, and you’ll save months of time that might be spent evaluating BPM on your own. You could justify your investment in training on the “learning efficiency” argument alone, but perhaps even more important is the coaching you receive on the important strategic choices you must make.

Three Day Intensive, Iterative Agenda

Day One – Lay A Foundation

  1. Business Process Management (BPM) concepts

  2. Converting from a workflow/flowchart paradigm

  3. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and BPM

  4. Communication between business analysts and IT

  5. Requirements via process diagrams instead of case tools

  6. Basic BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) skills

Day Two – Build Out Your Process

  1. Best practices in process modeling

  2. Intalio process modeling tool

  3. Converting process models to executable programs

  4. Integration with services and back-end systems

  5. Using Intalio to provide services to other systems

  6. Creating human workflow forms

  7. Running processes from the user interface

Day Three – Architecture & Advanced Power

  1. Decision management using Business Rules Engine (BRE)

  2. Reusing process diagrams as a subprocess

  3. Human and system activity reports and real-time activity dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs) and other process monitoring metrics

  4. Integration with data stored in external databases

  5. Intalio customization capabilities

  6. Intalio Enterprise Edition system architecture overview

Teaching Methodology

During your Intalio|BPM class, concepts are introduced iteratively, starting with the establishment of a solid basic understanding.  From that foundation you will go on through the entire three day program to acquire all the concepts and skills you will need to complete an entire end-to-end working, non-trivial BPMN-driven BPEL process.  Upon successful completion of this class you should have a detailed knowledge of what the Intalio Business Process Platform system does and how it will apply best to your business environment. 


If you have any questions regarding specific topics in the agenda please feel free to contact (650) 596-1800 Ext 3 and we’ll be happy to help you understand your training opportunity.



Instructions de paiement

  • For Each Seat, All Three Days

    Rate Fee Last Date
    Early Bird Discount $ 1,599 Tue, Apr 27, 2010
    Standard $ 1,850 Tue, May 12, 2010
    Late $ 2,000 Tue, May 18, 2010
    Event Date
      Tue, May 18, 2010

    Payment Options

    All Canadian Dollars; GST/PST Not Included

    Accepted Credit Cards Visa,AMEX & MasterCard
    Wire Transfer         (5% additional charge) 
    Purchase Order        (5% additional charge)

    Cancellation Policy

    Intalio training events are planned to ensure affordability and scheduling confidence.  In support of these objectives, Intalio offers course participants who are able to provide notice the opportunity to cancel, with a reasonable cancellation fee.  Please see the Terms and Conditions, or call your sales representative, for details.

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