Northwest Regional Conference - For the Sake of the World

Boise, ID
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Northwest Regional Conference - For the Sake of the World
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 4:30 PM -
Friday, June 18, 2010 9:30 PM (Mountain Time)

Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Boise
4950 W Bradley St
Boise, ID 83714
United States

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$60 per adult until MAY 31, 2010
After May 31, 2010 $70 per adult

Registration for Children's Ministry has ended.  We will not accept walk-in registrations for children.
Group registration
For a group of 3 or more adults a $15 discount is applied per adult.  The fee for children remains the same.

Main Session 1 Mission Tri Robinson
Friday Evening, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Tri Robinson Tri Robinson is the Senior Pastor of Boise Vineyard. In September 1989, the church planting team of twelve families moved to Boise where they were joined by several other Boise area families and began meeting in the “Upper Room,” a small office complex overlooking the city of Boise. Today, Boise Vineyard has flourished to nearly 3000 people and has stretched its arms out into its community and around the world caring for the poor and broken. Tri has authored three books concerning their adventures in ministry. Tri and Nancy have two children, Kate and Brook.

Main Session 2 Personal Brian Anderson
June 17. Thursday Evening, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Brian Anderson Brian and his wife Thora are the founding Pastors of Vineyard Church North Phoenix located in Phoenix, AZ, which they planted as a home Bible Study in September 1985. VCNP has steadily grown into a congregation of over 3800 people and has also planted nine other Vineyard churches in the Phoenix area, and a Vineyard Church in Delhi, India.

Brian has a desire to build healthy churches that do the works of Jesus and he loves to train and equip other pastors and leaders. In addition to being a current Vineyard USA Board Member, Brian is the Regional Overseer for the Southwest Region of the United States. Brian and Thora have two children, Zoe and Luke.

Main Session 3 the Church Rose Swetman
June 18. Friday Morning, 9:30 am – Noon

Rose Madrid-SwetmanRose Madrid-Swetman lives in the Seattle area and co-pastors Vineyard Community Church in Shoreline, Washington with her husband, Rich. She is the Executive Director of Turning Point, a missional group which partners with local agencies to serve low-income families in the greater Seattle area. She is an Area Pastoral Care Leader in the Northwest Region of Vineyard USA. Rose recently finished her Doctor of Ministry degree in Transformational Leadership for the Global City from Bakke Graduate University in Seattle, WA. Rose and Rich have a blended family of eight children and thirteen grand-children.

Main Session 4 the Church Bert Waggoner
June 18. Friday Evening, 7:00-9:00 pm

Bert Waggoner
Berten Waggoner is the National Director of Vineyard USA, a position he has held since 2000. His career in ministry extends over a forty-seven years period. During this time of service he has planted and led two churches in the Houston area, trained hundreds of church leaders, served as a college professor, led in denominational and trans-denominational structures, and traveled and ministered in many different parts of the world.

Berten and his wife Evelyn were married in 1962. They have two sons, Art and Reagan, who each are married to “Deanna’s.” They have five grandchildren. They live in Sugar Land, Texas.


Northwest Regional Conference Workshops: 2010
The first 10 workshops are all the first hour on Thursday, June 17, 2010 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM followed by a main session with the Love, Sex & Power workshop (see below).

Pioneering Spirit and Missionary Zeal
Tom Wilson, Senior Pastor Deer Lodge Vineyard Christian Fellowship

There are over 500 small towns (population 1,000 to 10,000) in the Northwest; hundreds of thousands of people in our region do not have access to a Vineyard type church. Yet, according to Phil Strout, “The God of the Kingdom is at work everywhere, all the time.”

Join us to discuss the practical aspects of planting and ministering in a small town.

God’s Epic Adventure for Kids
Nancy Short, Children’s Director Vineyard Community Church, Shoreline and Nally Boyle, Children’s Director Mountain Vineyard Christian Fellowship

God’s EPIC Adventure for Kids provides opportunities for kids to practice their emerging faith. Using God’s Story as the basis and storytelling as the vehicle, the curriculum takes the kids through the Bible five times in two years. In addition, by participating with the worship stations in the classroom, the kids connect to God, to each other, and to their world with a focus on justice and kindness.

Preaching Your Way Through the Story of God
Dr. Winn Griffin, Northwest Regional Education Task Force Leader

This workshop will facilitate the idea of creating sermons and other teaching material using God’s Grand Narrative in Scripture. We will use the Tom Wright five-act-play model to look at the flowing story and suggest how to use the material in each act for preaching and teaching. (For pastors, associate pastors, worship leaders, teachers, small group leaders, and anyone who has an interest in the Story of Scripture).

The Changing Face of Church Planting in the Northwest
Rick McDaniel, Regional Church Planting Task Force Leader and Rich Swetman, Co-Senior Pastor Vineyard Community Church

As we continue to define our values as a movement, “How can we best plant churches that reflect those values.” How do other models for planting effect us and do our urban areas really differ from our rural areas. How will the future of church planting look in the next ten years?

The Theology of the Kingdom of God and the Missional Church
Roy Conwell, Senior Pastor, Mountain Vineyard Christian Fellowship

A discussion on how our history and theology effect our understanding of being missional. A discussion on practical models of local churches being missional as a result of kingdom of God theology.

A Voice, a Name, a Community
Dave Hanson, Executive Director Sunrise Outreach Center and Jimmy John Morris, Senior Pastor Yakima Vineyard Christian Fellowship

When we refer to Christians within a given city or town, do we refer to them as “churches within that community” or do we just call them “the church.” Do they have any responsibility to hear the voice of those who are hungry, ill, not sufficiently clothed or are in need of shelter? What would the community look like if all the Christian churches in town started working together to feed the hungry, heal the sick, clothe those in need and provide shelter for those without? What if the entire community came together?

Missional Churches Partnering with Others for Community Transformation
Karen Evans, Mountain Vineyard Christian Fellowship

A workshop of practical ideas and discussion on how the local church can fully engage other organizations to help serve their community for Christ. Our goal is to help missional churches learn how to partner with their community in ways that fits their vision, their gifts, the needs of the community, and God’s unique calling for each church.

Leadership in a Time of Change: Listening and Partnering with Younger Leaders
Rose Madrid-Swetman, Jim Fox, Rachael Clinton, Vineyard Community Church

How can we learn to partner with younger leaders? What do they need to know from us in order that they might be all that God’s inviting them to? How do we work together in these changing times when from one generation to the next we could be speaking a different language? Come join in on the discussion.

Revitalizing a Church that has Gone Through Crisis
Tom Chism, Senior Pastor Reno Vineyard Church

How do you restart, revitalize, and re-imagine stabilizing a congregation that has been in crisis? How do you turn the ship and move forward after the disappointment of the past? This workshop will help you discover ways a once thriving church now facing decline can turnaround and flourish.

Spiritual Practices that Make Space for God
Layne Fish, Co-Senior Pastor Vancouver Vineyard Church

Through devotional practices of prayer, Lectio Divina, and others we discover a richer spiritual life infused with joy, peace, and a deeper understanding of God. This will be a time of teaching and practice in the way of making space for God’s grace in our lives.

The second session, which is a combined workshop Thursday will only be in the main room:

Love, Sex and Power: Navigating the Dangerous Triangle
Peter and Gayle Mosgofian, Senior Pastors, Arcata Vineyard

As leaders it is easy to lose objectivity when it comes to these three entities. How are you vulnerable, and where are the weak places in your armor? It is important to know them and face them. This talk is an overview of an eye-opening seminar for pastors and leaders, aimed at helping to identify potential weaknesses, and take steps to prevent falling into that dangerous triangle.

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