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Orlando, Florida
Friday, February 26, 2016

Profitability Secrets that Dramatically Build Your Bottom Line
Learn a new approach to business that is required to meet the new economic, staff competency and technology realities. Learn business procedures, important formulas and business guidelines that focus on Net Income development. You will learn the key daily measurements to follow to ensure the shop is on track s well as engage and keep the staff involved and focused that get results.

Topics Covered:

  • The new approach required to meet staff competency, economic, and technology realities.
  • Important formulas and business guidelines that focus on Net Income development.
  • The key daily measurements to ensure the shop is on track while engaging staff to stay focused on results
  • The right sales with the right Car Count for your shop.
  • To Find a Minimum of $90,000 net profit from your current business – where is it and how do you go after it?

Required Materials:
Every student must have a calculator. Bring the number of work orders/repair-orders written for the previous year. Bring the total labour dollars sold for the last full year for maintenance and diagnostic if broken out. Bring the total dollars in parts sales broken out into aftermarket and dealer parts if possible, for the past year. Bring 5 completed work-orders sampling 5 different types of completed jobs. Your last year’s Formal Financial Statement prepared by your Accountant. All material is for Personal use ONLY to maximize your benefit from the class.

Hot Heads 2: Advanced Cooling System Design and Diagnosis

Cooling systems are the most overlooked system on the car. You can make significant additional income, solve problems no other shop can and reduce those unexplainable comebacks by updating your knowledge of cooling system design and function. Beginning in 2012 Gates Rubber conducted significant research to learn the effect of mixing coolants, changing chemistry and long term system reliability.  At the same time Manufacturers of both OE and aftermarket parts have significant investment in redesigning systems to radically improve engine thermodynamics. Unless the repair community understands how these systems work and how to properly service them very expensive damage will occur. This thoroughly researched content will make sure you never look at or service cooling systems the same way again.

Topics Covered:

  • Thermostat design and management changes - PCM’s are managing mechanical thermostats adding new diagnostic issues, techniques for testing non-invasively
  • Water pump designs have changed - What you have come to believe might actually be hurting your customer’s vehicle. Impeller Materials, Cavitation and Failure Patterns
  • Coolant is a science unto itself, there is no universal antifreeze -- we will show you how to avoid having 20 different types of antifreeze on the shelf while giving your customers the right product for their vehicle
  • Some cars have 3 cooling systems, we will show you how they work so you can diagnose them
  • What you need to know about Electric Water pumps.
  • The reality of Electrolysis and Galvanic corrosion – It’s not what you think
  • Reverse Flow and Balanced Flow Cooling Systems
  • Modern Cleaning and Flushing Techniques
  • Alumina Contamination and Fluoride Contamination and Failure Patterns

Preparing to Service Connected Cars Today
You have heard that connected cars with telematics and autonomous operation are coming. The future is here. The necessary components for autonomous vehicle are already on cars and chances are, in your shop now. How do you prepare so that when these are mainstream technologies your shop can outpace the competition? The answer is: learn incrementally now. Expecting to learn and repair these technologies “just in time” is a recipe for failure.

Topics Covered:

  • What is telematics and what does it mean to me?
  • How Oil changes and DTCs can be your best or worst friend
  • What are autonomous vehicles and what technologies are necessary to create them?
  • Sensor fusion – the car’s eyes
  • How lane departure systems are calibrated
  • Vehicle stability control strategy
  • Throttle controls
  • Steering control
  • Long range radar
  • Short range lidar
  • Digital mapping and geo location techniques
  • Vehicle to vehicle communications
  • Vehicle to infrastructure and intelligent transportation systems

Bosch Essential Electrical Diagnostics Seminar

This program will evaluate your electrical system knowledge, diagnostic approach and help you understand how to improve your skills. A live training simulator will be used to demonstrate real world diagnostic examples and student response buttons will provide instant feedback on your progress.

Topics Covered:

  • Review the foundation of automotive electronics
  • How to use Ohm’s Law in the real world
  • Review the most common electrical system failures with practical application examples
  • How to get the most info from a wiring diagram

Bosch Brake Technology Update Seminar
The practical braking application of hydraulic theory and diagnostic procedures with a focus on brake service tips to help avoid costly comebacks. Anti-Lock and Electronic Stability Control systems are reviewed with a focus on wheel speed, lateral acceleration, yaw rate and steering angle sensors, with theory of operation and how to diagnose and service these systems.

Topics Covered:

  • Fundamentals of Braking Forces Review
  • Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Overview
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESP)
  • Best Recommended Practices for Brake Service
  • Systematic brake inspection process
  • Top 10 tips to ensure a successful brake service

Lip Service: First Class Telephone Skills
Have you called your business lately? Is the “VOICE” of your business the image you want projected? This training teaches the ‘WOW’ factor.  Our telephone is the most important tool we have in our business.  Are we using it to drive customers to us or drive them away?  This training is customized strictly for the collision repair industry.

Topics Covered:

  • Four steps in delivering a “knock your socks off” telephone greeting
  • How to work your voice to improve your perceived image—Yours and your business
  • What to say when placing a caller on hold and how to release the “held” caller
  • Three simple no-cost ways to immediately improve your business image
  • Thirteen positive “phrases that pay” rather than offend
  • How empathy questions are more effective than qualifying questions
  • Lobby etiquette – Are your people unthinkingly ignoring customers?
  • Voice mail effectiveness – taking it from average to awesome
  • How words like “I’m sorry”, “ma’am” and “I’ll have to” affect people
  • Ways to build a team mindset between the front and the back
  • How to maintain energy after your 50th call
  • Tons of tiny techniques that will WOW your customers
  • How to sign off—Are your people saying “Bye. Bye?”
  • Which of your people are using the training—participant secret shopper calls

Winning Women Customers: How “SHE” Impacts Your Bottom Line
Why are tire dealers, muffler shops, automobile manufacturers and other auto related businesses investing mega bucks in marketing to women? It just so happens that women are spending billions of dollars and are the primary customer in the automotive segment of the economy. Are you getting enough? Are you capitalizing on the fact that women are loyal, they bring unending referrals and by 2010 they will control fifty percent of all the private wealth in America? This class won’t baffle you with lots of statistics but will show you what you don’t know about marketing to women. You’ll receive lots of low cost and no cost ideas to increase your share of this most powerful consumer group.

Topics Covered:

  • In the first ten minutes that you may not be as female savvy as you might think
  • When addressing a couple, eye contact can make or break the deal
  • She’s offended when you recommend an immediate solution
  • How to actively listen to a woman customer based on her preferences
  • Why it no longer fits to say, “Do you need to check with the boss?”
  • That, on average, women refer twice as many prospects as men do
  • Better word choices to turn women on . . .to doing more business with you
  • Eighteen tips for Winning Women Customers. One of which is to hand her a warm beverage when you first meet her
  • That eighty percent of female customers describe an auto repair facility in negative terms
  • How to educate women through the “Takeaway Bag”
  • Why sponsoring Women’s Car Care Clinics is smart marketing
  • How to get her friends, who she wants to refer, into your business for repairs
  • That when you meet the needs of a woman, you will automatically exceed the expectations of a man

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