Astute Connect 2017

San Antonio, Texas
Monday, September 24, 2018
  • Blake Morgan
    Keynote Speaker
    Blake Morgan is the author of More Is More: How The Best Companies Work Harder and Go Farther To Create Knock Your Socks Off Customer Experiences (Routledge 2017). She is an advisor, speaker, podcast host and the President of SOCAP's Northwest Chapter. She is a former customer service practitioner, having worked with and advised companies such as Intel, Verizon Wireless and many more.
  • Alex George
    Astute Solutions
    Alex George is the Chief Technical Officer at Astute Solutions. As an evangelist for what's possible, Alex helps grow Astute's capabilities in technology, strategic partnerships and new business models.
  • Shellie Vornhagen
    Astute Solutions
    Shellie Vornhagen is the Vice President of Marketing for Astute Solutions. A veteran in the software industry, she is passionate about using technology to improve people's day to day lives.
  • Nick Brown
    Astute Solutions
    Nick is the Astute Product Manager for ePowerCenter. Prior to joining the development team he worked as a Technical Account Manager, and is excited to deliver new product features based on the feedback gathered during his time as a TAM.
  • Chris Conner
    Astute Solutions
    Chris Conner is the Director of Information Security and Compliance at Astute Solutions. His past experience includes roles as CIO, Information Security Professional, Writer and Musician.
  • Brian Costanzo
    Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) International
    Brian Costanzo became President and CEO of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) International in January 2016. Brian brings more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a proven record of association membership growth and retention to his position. Brian is an active runner and loves to spend time with his family.
  • Ashley Cox
    Astute Solutions
    Ashley Cox is a Project Manager Analyst for Astute Solutions with a strong background in market research and education. Ashley is committed to making sure customers get the most value out of their use of Astute Solutions product offerings.
  • Andy Haviland
    Astute Solutions
    Andy Haviland is a Solutions Analyst for Astute Solutions. Andy has a background in all of Astute's products and takes pride in helping our customers improve processes and work efficiently.
  • Anthony Kantor
    Astute Solutions
    Anthony Kantor is the Astute Social Product Manager for Astute Solutions. He is passionate about finding new ways for brands to connect with consumers and gain valuable insights.
  • Matt Madzia
    Astute Solutions
    Matt Madzia is the Director of Product Management at Astute Solutions. Matt brings over 17 years of contact center experience to designing products that make life better for our customers.
  • Robbie Michels
    Astute Solutions
    Robbie Michels is the Director of Enablement at Astute Solutions. An avid gardener, Robbie is focused on nurturing and growing people for positive connections and successful outcomes.
  • Chuck Miller
    Astute Solutions
    Chuck Miller, Director of Global Support, has been with Astute Solutions for over 17 years. He loves reporting and the value it can provide to a company. He is always open to questions about our products—feel free to play "stump Chuck" anytime you see him!
  • Doug Rippy
    Astute Solutions
    Doug has been working in the consumer services industry for more than 18 years helping some of the best brands in the world find ways to use process and technology to build better relationships with their consumers. As a Software Solutions Evangelist he works with existing customers, partners, and prospects to understand the ever-changing needs and brings solutions to the market to meet those needs.
  • CJ Ryavek
    Astute Solutions
    C.J. Ryavec is a Solutions Consultant within the sales organization of Astute Solutions. He has extensive experience in both support and implementing software solutions.
  • Liz Shaver
    Astute Solutions
    Liz Shaver is the Director of Product Development at Astute Solutions. Liz provides leadership for our fast-paced product development teams.
  • Molly Schachleiter
    Astute Solutions
    Molly Schachleiter is a Marketing Manager at Astute Solutions. With a deep background in B2B software, she brings a great deal of expertise and passion to her role. She loves helping our customers meet the challenges of providing consistent brand experiences and improving customer engagement.
  • Drew Sulick
    Astute Solutions
    Drew Sulick is a Solution Analyst for Astute Solutions. As a lifelong technology advocate, Drew loves using innovative solutions to solve problems that people face every day.

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