The Monroe Institute Outreach Workshops in California

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Adventures on the Edge of Enlightenment

The Technology of Enlightenment

TMI Excursion workshops feature Hemi-Sync® and Spatial Angle Modulation™ (SAM) audio-guidance technology. These technologies, developed at the Monroe Institute, facilitate expanded states that support personal exploration, self-discovery, healing, and self-empowerment. Imagine achieving a perfectly balanced, perfectly equalized whole brain synchrony mode that in minutes. These states are perfectly-balanced, perfectly-equalized and under your personal control.

Hemi-Sync research has been published in numerous peer-review journals. These studies document reduced need for anasthesia in surgery and post-operative pain medication. My favorite study, however, showed how novices attained states of consciousness akin to those who had been practicing transcendental meditation for 10 years or longer. Afterwards, they were able to maintain these states without the technology. Try it now - with headphones or earbuds please!

Spatial Angle Modulation or SAM works quite differently. Initially developed by Skip Atwater, the basis for SAM developed from a theory that consciousness samples "reality" like frames in a movie. Have you ever been in an emergency situation, like an impending accident, where you felt time "slow down" so you could evaluate the situation and take necessary action?

This theory postulates that a sudden surge of adrenaline "speeds up" the frames of your internal movie, which normally operate about 40 cycles a second. (Real movies are 24 frames per second, but filmmakers like Peter Jackson have been using 40 frames per second for their very life-like 3-D movies.) I was part of the initial "Explorer Imperative" introduction of the technology, and I liked speeding up to what I called "78 RPM" very much. And as much as I disliked the sensations of slowing down to 24 cycles per second, I gained insight into my own future and what growing old might feel like. 

Bob Holbrook has "optimized" the SAM Technology, and it's been smoothed out a lot since 2011. Here's a SAM exercise called Collective Guidance for you to experience with headphones or earbuds now. 


Payment Instructions

Workshop Participants Receive $200 off a future Monroe Institute Residency Program
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