2017 SCBWI Wisconsin Fall Conference

Friday, September 15, 2017


This year, we’ll be offering the chance to purchase multiple/additional critiques, as we’ve received feedback from our prolific writers, many of whom work across genres/categories. Manuscript submission are due by August 6th. When you register for a critique, you must indicate what genre the manuscript will be (PB=Picture Book, MG=MidGrade, YA=Young Adult, GN=Graphic Novel, IL=Illustrator Portfolio, BD=Book Dummy)

In-Person Critique with National Faculty

$50 for in-person, national faculty critique (limit ONE, first 70 w/correct formatting and received on time are guaranteed a national faculty critiques).

*If you are already agented and would prefer to be matched up with an author/editor for your critique, please indicated that in the body of the email when you send in your submission.

Portfolio or Book Dummy Review

$50 for in-person, portfolio review (limit ONE, first 10 to purchase are guaranteed an art director reviewer).

Written Critique

$35 for additional written manuscript critiques (limit 3, must also have purchased one in-person critique to be able to purchase written critiques).


Please email all critique manuscripts properly formatted with the subject header CONFERENCE CRIT and type of manuscript (example: CONFERENCE CRIT: Picture Book) by August 6, 2017 to wisconsin-ra@scbwi.org. If you are getting multiple critiques (in-person and written) please indicate which one you would like you'd like done as in-person by labeling it In-Person CONFERENCE CRIT: Picture Book


  • 12-point font; Times New Roman, Courier or similar

  • 1-in margins

  • Double-space

  • Include your name, title, and page number in a header on each page

  • Include the type of manuscript (picture book, middle grade, young adult, non-fiction, etc.) on the top of the first page

  • If you have a picture book, please send the entire manuscript, not exceeding 10 pages.

  • If you have longer work, please send up to 10 pages PLUS a single-page synopsis or outline included before the actual manuscript. The synopsis/outline and manuscript must be submitted together as one document. Make sure you’re only sending one attachment for your critique submission.

  • Email manuscript as an attachment Word doc. or PDF

    IMPORTANT! Title your Word doc. or PDF with the type of manuscript PB, MG, YA, BD (Book Dummy), GN (Graphic Novel), underscore, followed by your first and last name, underscore, followed by your manuscript title (example: PB_Shel Silverstein_The Giving Tree)


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