Vacationland Bluegrass Jam Camp

Searsport, Maine
Friday, September 15, 2017

Please refer to the Searsport Shores policies page for questions about camping, kids, pets, internet, etc.

Searsport Shores Policies

Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement?
No.  You're never too old or too young to learn Bluegrass music.  Any students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  

Do I have to pay tuition if I'm just there to supervise my kid?
Non-participating adult chaperones may register as "Companions" for $50.  This fee includes the Opening reception, Saturday lunch, Saturday pot luck, teacher concert and contra dance. Adult chaperones who do not register as "Companions" will not be able to participate in those activities.  

How well do I have to play my instrument?

Vacationland Jam Camp is not for absolute beginner players.  

You must already know how to tune and play your instrument.  

Here are some guidelines to determine if you are ready:

  • Fretted instruments (guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele): You must be able to play the following chord progressions quickly and smoothly:

G, C & D

C, F, & G

A, D, & E

D, G, & A

  • Fiddles: must know how to play basic fiddle tunes and learn new tunes by ear.
  • Bass: must know your finger board and basic bass back-up.

Do I already have to know Bluegrass songs?

No.  We will send you a packet of songs ahead of time, but will be teaching all the songs at camp.  If you are brand new to Bluegrass, consider coming to the Thursday novice workshop.

Do I have to read sheet music?


Do I have to sing?

If you are not a singer, please consider attending the Novice Vocal workshop on Friday afternoon.  Although you are not required to sing, we encourage full participation, which includes singing along on the chorus of each song.

I only play clawhammer banjo.  Will I fit in?

Although clawhammer technique is not traditionally part of bluegrass music, it is becoming more widely accepted.  Our banjo teacher can teach both Scruggs style and clawhammer, but will encourage you to learn the Scruggs roll.  If you don’t already use finger picks we encourage you to learn how to use them.

I’ve never used a guitar pick.  Do I need to use one?

Bluegrass guitar is played with a flat pick.  If you have never played with a pick, please begin practicing with one and please consider attending the novice workshop on Thursday.

Any chance you might have a spare upright bass so I don’t need to fly with mine?

Please contact us directly at to make arrangements for a loaner bass.

Would I be able to take a private lesson from one of the instructors?
Yes.  Time has been set aside on Saturday afternoon for optional 1/2 hour lessons with the instructors.  Scheduling and payment of these lessons is between the student and the instructor.  


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