2018 ACDA SOUTH Conference

Natchitoches, Louisiana
Wednesday, April 04, 2018

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2018 South ACDA conference, 4/9/18

Information for posting, National Festival Selections

The following dances have been chosen by the adjudicators to represent the South Region conference at the National College Dance Festival.  The faculty reps for theses schools will receive an email from ACDA Executive Director Diane DeFries very soon regarding information about the Festival.  Congratulations to:

Alabama State University’s Hearthside, choreographed by Michael Medcalf

Hearthside grips the audience with its strong ensemble dancing and fierce technique coupled with a compelling and driving score.

Belhaven University’s Imag[(I)n]e, choreographed by Erin Scheiwe Rockwell

Imag[(I)n]e uses multi-media in an imaginative and original way.  The dance goes beyond entertainment and conveys a universal message to the audience.

Alternate 1:

Louisiana State University’s Porcelain, choreographed by Kristina Sak

Porcelain is a beautifully crafted duet that is unique, quirky, and intriguing in its concept.  It has an undercurrent that gnaws at you long after the dance is over.

Alternate 2:

The University of Southern Mississippi’s We Begin to Build Something Else, choreographed by Noelle Billings

In We Begin to Build Something Else, the combination of the exquisite dancing and hypnotic score transports the audience into another world.

From Friday 4/6/18:

The following dances have been chosen for the 2018 ACDA South Region Gala Concert, and are presented below in program order.

We Begin to Build Something Else 

We are not meant to be islands

Djis mi mes 


Iron Grace Mechanique 


windows + doors 



Rise Above 


The Technical Director and/or faculty member in charge of each of these dances needs to attend a production meeting at 7:30 am at Theatre West in the AA Fredericks building.  There is no need for dancers to attend this meeting.  Please review the attached Gala production schedule for tentative tech times.  Come to the production meeting prepared to discuss any potential conflicts with Saturday’s teaching schedule.

All dances will include a bow in their Gala performance.  Bow cues will be set at the Gala tech. 

Thank you to all of the dancers, choreographers, designers, and faculty members who contributed to the artistry presented in our four adjudicated concerts!


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