2018 MINT Annual Forum, PreForum & TNT Workshop

New Orleans, Louisiana
Monday, October 29, 2018
Public Service Fund

This year, as in the past, the PSF (Public Service Fund) will support some MINTies and MINTies-to-be who wish to attend the TNT and/or Forum or pre-Forum workshop but who have limited funds to do so. Through our fundraising efforts and through the generosity of our members, funds are put aside particularly for folks from underserved areas, that is places where MI practitioners and trainers are few and far between. These places are also frequently the places where the practitioners are poorly, or not at all funded for continuing education and where their salaries are such that traveling to the TNT and/or Forum is out of their reach. 

The application is available to anyone, but we will only a few will be able to receive full or partial funding, based on need. We will try to support as many as we can!  Download the PSF Application, fill it out and return it the PSF Committee at PSFapplication@gmail.com   

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