2019 Colorado AMTA State Massage Therapy Convention

Northglenn, Colorado
Thursday, April 25, 2019
Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage (This is part of full registration or 1 or 2 day registration.) Speaker: Leah Wilson

Supplies needed: Clean socks, Thai mat/futon (or 2 thick blankets) pillow or bolster and flat sheet.

Course description: Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage is a hands-on massage therapy course that includes a brief history of these ancient techniques, the elements and principles of Thai Yoga massage and over 40 Thai Yoga Massage techniques to add to your massage therapy toolbox. Thai Yoga Massage is a very old, sacred technique from India and Southeast Asia that includes deep, rhythmic, rocking movements, compressions, and muscular manipulation with passive stretching mixed in. Come wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing and be prepared to give and receive techniques from various partners throughout the day. Each participant will receive a manual to continue practicing and a certificate of completion. This is a NCBTMB approved course that offers 8CE credits to Licensed Massage Therapists.

Bars free seated Ashiatsu 
(This is part of full registration or 1 or 2 day registration.) Speaker: Christy Bebout

Supplies needed: hand towels, king pillow case, flip flops that can be sanitized, foot file

Course Description: This one day introduction class to barefoot massage will allow you to dip your toes in the water and get a taste of Ashiatsu without having to install the overhead parallel bars. This class is ideal for any therapist seeking a new tool and methods for deep tissue techniques. You will learn a full 60-minute barefoot protocol that combines the seated prone, supine as well as side-lying barefoot techniques. This course will not only include warm up strokes such as effleurage, petrissage and compression but will include deeper techniques such as cross fiber friction, positional release and trigger point therapy. We cover contraindications specific to deep tissue and ashiatsu methods as well as how to communicate effectively with your clients during the treatment. We train our students to work “smart not hard” and find that the seated introduction course is a great class to start the thinking differently in the way you perform deep tissue massage techniques.

Sports Massage Approaches to Treating Foot & Ankle Conditions (This is part of full registration or Saturday registration.) Speaker: Bob McAtee

Supplies needed:  Massage table and sheets with oil/lotion

Course description:  Massage therapists have the ability to work with soft tissue injuries in a way that few other practitioners do. That’s why athletes and active individuals experiencing chronic conditions of the foot and ankle expect their massage therapists to help them recover. Sports massage techniques are widely used to address musculoskeletal complaints of the foot and ankle and are a valuable adjunct to the repertoire of any massage therapist interested in treating injuries.

This 4-hour seminar focuses on three chronic injuries that respond well to clinically-oriented sports massage:

•       Chronic ankle sprain, Achilles tendinopathy,  Fibularis tendinopathy

The format for discussion, demonstration, and practice is organized the same for each of these conditions:

1. Introduction to the condition, typical history, signs and symptoms, review the relevant anatomy

2. Demonstrate and practice assessment, including appropriate orthopedic and special tests

3. Demonstrate and practice palpation examination

4. Demonstrate and practice each element of the suggested treatment plan, then integrate them all in a “session.”

5. Review self-care options for the client, including exercise and flexibility work

6. Discuss perpetuating factors

The hands-on portion of this seminar includes a range of applications, including compressive effleurage and petrissage, broad cross-fiber work, longitudinal stripping, pin and stretch techniques, isolytic contractions, deep transvers friction, and facilitated stretching. The information and treatment protocols for the class are adapted from Bob’s new book, “Sports Massage for Injury Care” released in 2019 by his long-time publisher, Human Kinetics.

The Science of Cannabidiol (CBD) in Massage Therapy: Pathophysiology, Application and Policy (This is part of full registration or 1/2 day registration.) Speaker: Jackie Harding Ph.D

NOTE: Currently this class is NOT NCBTMB approved. 

Supplies needed: notebook and pen

Course Description: The growing acceptance of Cannabidiol (CBD) for pain management has resulted in the increased use of CBD in therapeutic massage, raising questions regarding best practices and the legality of use. This workshop will be targeted to therapeutic massage providers interested in applying CBD products for pain relief during treatment. Discussion topics will include the basic science of cannabinoids, the efficacy of CBD in treating neuropathic pain, best practices for CBD product application, and an overview of current federal and state policies governing CBD use. Emphasis will be on the management of pain in patients with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

For the practitioner, we will survey currently available products, identify modes of application, and discuss potential risk associated with repeat exposure. Since cannabinoids are not recognized to have any therapeutic value on the federal level, the legality of CBD use and application is currently based on individual state laws. We will discuss the most up-to-date regulations and existing policies for use, including required permissions and treatment of minors. 


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