2019 Fuse Alliance Annual Conference

Orlando, Florida
Sunday, March 03, 2019

2019 FUSE Annual Conference

The Fuse Annual Conference is the perfect venue for our Members and Preferred Suppliers to share, learn and connect. This year’s Annual Conference, The Rise of the Contractor showcases how flooring projects today are becoming increasingly more complicated, and that's why the flooring contractor's role in the supply chain has become more important than ever.  By participating as a Preferred Supplier, your participation will be centered on how to leverage the expertise of our collective knowledge to channel success throughout the network and the powerful ingredients to build stronger relationships between suppliers and our end-user customers.

Preferred Supplier partnerships are key to our network’s success and Fuse is excited to provide quality opportunities that help you get in front of your target market. The booth and level sponsorship opportunities outlined in the 2019 Fuse Preferred Supplier Prospectus allow you to support Fuse Alliance’s mission and the focus of the Annual Conference. Check out the prospectus and secure your booth TODAY!


Complete a 2019 FUSE PREFERRED SUPPLIER AGREEMENT FORM to secure a booth.

If you do not see a sponsorship that works for you please let me know. I would love to work with you to create a custom package to help you achieve your marketing goals. For questions or to create a custom package please contact:



Fuse Meeting Management/Supplier Support

(859) 264-7822




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