2019 Hospitality Games

Lexington, Kentucky
Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Every team will compete in three events, the toilet paper toss, chopstick pretzel relay, and the tourism trivia event. The top finishers will then compete in the Championship Mystery Event. The first three finishers will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze metals in the order they complete the game.


Each team needs to designate one “catcher.” The catcher will stand on the toilet seat at the opposite end of the park facing your team. The catcher must hold the pillow case and use it to catch the rolls of toilet paper thrown by your teammates– no hands! You must catch the toilet paper with the pillowcase only! If the catcher uses his or her hands to catch the roll, the team will be disqualified.

Remember to keep both feet firmly planted on the toilet seat without stepping off of it. If the catcher moves his or her feet or any body part touches outside the seat, the team will be disqualified. The team with the most rolls in the pillow case wins. In the event of a tie, we’ll play again with only the teams that tied. There’s one catch—your teammates will need to turn your back to your catcher and throw the toilet paper over your shoulder. Only one player at a time can toss a roll of toilet paper


All five players will begin at the start line. Each team member will receive one chop stick each. Once the starting signal sounds, the first team member, with their hands behind their back, will “thread” pretzels on to the chopstick, using only their mouth.  No hands permitted.  If you use your hands then you are disqualified for remainder of your 1 minute, and the next player begins on the signal it is their turn.  Player will continue filling the bowl via the chopstick/pretzel transfer using whatever method they choose. They can thread and dump one pretzel at a time or thread a bunch and dump all at once until the horn sounds for players to tag and switch (1 min). This repeats until all five of the teammates have completed the relay. At the end of the event, pretzels in the bowl will be counted and the team with the most pretzels wins that heat. Remember, none of the players can touch the bowl. If the bowl is shifting during your pretzel transfer, you can ask the referee to adjust it for you.

In case of a tie, a representative from the teams will be given two chopsticks and using the chopsticks will move pretzels from one bowl to another in 30 seconds.  The team moving the most pretzels in that time frame, wins the tie breaker.


All team members will start at the table at the end of their lane. The referee will be standing on the opposite end of the lane holding 7 cards with a different trivia question on each card. When given the signal to start, the first team member in line will run to the referee to retrieve the card, run back to their teammates and share the first question.  Your team will write your answer on the card and a team member must run the card back to the referee to submit your answer.  If the answer is incorrect, they must run back to their team and send another team member back with another answer.  When a correct answer is given, the runner is given the next question until all 7 questions have been answered correctly.  The first team to finish wins. Oh, and here’s the good news – you can use your phones to answer questions!


Winners of the Games above will move forward to compete in the Championship Event! This year the Championship Event is top secret so be ready for anything!

Spirit Award

The Best Team Spirit Award is presented to the one team that exemplifies teamwork, enthusiasm and encouragement of others during the Bluegrass Hospitality Games.

Teams can score points by showing one or more of the following qualities:

  • Work together toward achieving the goal/ winning the heat
  • Encouraging your team and others
  • Unified presence (team t-shirt, hat, etc.)
  • Team rally song
  • Team signage
  • Team support (spectators that are there to support the team)

BOOST YOUR SPIRIT!  You have the ability to boost your Team Spirit by utilizing social media. Teams are encouraged to post regarding the games on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #bhagames as well as identifying the team name. 

Teams will receive 2 points for an original post and 1 point for sharing/re-tweeting a Bluegrass Hospitality Association post about the Games. You must use the hashtag #bhagames AND identify your team in order to receive points for the post/share.


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