Being & Becoming Retreat Summer 2012

Pratolino , Tuscany
Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Retreat: Tuscany, Italy, (August 10-25)

Spend your summer at the edge of individual and cultural transformation.

Overlooking the birthplace of the Renaissance in Florence, Italy, discover a new, rational approach to spiritual awakening—and a fresh perspective on how to create change in yourself and in the world.

Change is often challenging—whether you’re aspiring to change yourself, the world, or both. But according to spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, founder of EnlightenNext and best-selling author of Evolutionary Enlightenment: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening, there is a source of deep inspiration that can carry you beyond the personal and cultural obstacles that arise when you decide to engage with the inevitably complex process of change.

In fact, Andrew’s contemporary spiritual path, known as Evolutionary Enlightenment, is designed to empower you not only to embrace the process of change as your own spiritual practice, but to actively play your own small but significant role in shaping the future.

And during this year's Summer Being & Becoming Retreat, the 4th annual retreat of it's kind you will have a full fourteen days to immerse yourself in the experience, principles, and vision of Evolutionary Enlightenment—a spiritual teaching uniquely equipped to meet the challenges of life in the twenty-first century.

This is a spirituality that's built for the modern person. —Todd M.

From the depths of meditation to the heights of shared philosophical and spiritual inquiry, you’ll discover the deeper dynamics of what it means to transform not only yourself, but the relationships and values you share with others.

As the highlight of only three opportunities of its kind this year, the Summer 2012 Being & Becoming Retreat is a rare opportunity to benefit from Andrew’s twenty-five years of experience at the leading edge of individual and cultural transformation.


The Summer 2012 Being & Becoming Retreat will give you the chance to spend long periods of time in meditation, contemplation, and active discussion with other like-minded individuals from across the globe. Throughout the retreat, you will be able to:

    Engage directly with Andrew Cohen every day as he guides you deeply into the path, practice, and philosophy of Evolutionary Enlightenment

    Spend long periods of time discovering the liberating power of meditation

    Awaken to what Andrew calls the “evolutionary impulse”—the part of you that’s only interested in creating the future

    Explore the spiritual physics of change and practice the key principles of Evolutionary Enlightenment in focused discussion groups facilitated by senior instructors.

    Build new relationships with other “evolutionaries” who share your interest in individual and cultural transformation

    Leave with a renewed sense of possibility for the future—and a path forward to begin putting Evolutionary Enlightenment into practice

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Andrew, along with the team at EnlightenNext, have designed this two week-long retreat to give you an experiential understanding of the deeper dynamics of individual and cultural transformation at our unique time in history.


    If you can imagine what Christopher Columbus and his crew felt like, or what the first astronauts going to the moon felt like, this experience is the same thing on the inside. We're charting uncharted territory on the interior of ourselves—it's thrilling and exhilarating! —Daniel.S.

    What I liked best about the experience was the general atmosphere of energy, lightness and intelligence. What impressed me most was Andrew Cohen's spiritual self-confidence, clarity and impact. —Virginia T.

    This retreat really exceeded my expectations. It has been a powerful reorientation of my life around what really matters in a progressive, grounded way. —Tom C.

    I feel as though I've always been a seeker, and I've had spiritual episodes, but I didn't have the context to understand those experiences. To have an opportunity like this, to be on retreat, where someone can explain what they were to me, made all the difference. —Elizabeth S.

    It was such an opportunity to ask questions that matter—it is rare to be among a group of people who are willing to explore so deeply. —Debbie H.

    I couldn't have imagined that in just three days the depth of my meditation would improve, my understanding of the teaching would be enhanced, and that I would come away with a knowing that I can carry what I've gleaned from the retreat into my family and work relationships. An unexpected blessing! —Matt R.

    The retreat provided an inspired and deep understanding of Evolutionary Enlightenment. Andrew is able to awaken a deep passion for personal awakening and cultural transformation. This teaching is truly a model of spirituality for the 21st century —Douglas R.


Since 1986, Andrew has been traveling the world giving public lectures and leading intensive retreats. Through his writings, teachings, and ongoing dialogues with leading philosophers, scientists, and mystics, he has become known as one of the defining voices of a new “evolutionary spirituality.”

With Evolutionary Enlightenment, Andrew has brought the timeless depth of enlightened wisdom into the twenty-first century and significantly redirected its purpose and promise–calling not for transcendence of worldly attachment, or even for compassionate care and service, but for a deep and heroic responsibility for the evolution of the world.

    "Andrew has the pulse of modern life at his fingertips. His diagnosis of the demands and distractions of our noisy, busy world shows the accuracy of a skilled diagnostician"
    —Deepak Chopra

    "Andrew Cohen has arrived at an insight that is crucial for our historical situation. Enlightenment is not a movement out of the everyday world but is instead a profound entrance into deep participation int the evolution of the universe. Rarely have I encountered such simple, searing wisdom connecting religious ideas about enlightenment with the scientific understanding of an evolutionary cosmos." —Brian Swimme

Evolutionary Enlightenment is far more than a vision or theory. In working with thousands of people around the world for over two decades, Andrew’s efforts have led to a series of collective, or “intersubjective,” breakthroughs into the higher states of consciousness he describes in his best-selling book Evolutionary Enlightenment.

As a result, a growing network of people interested in higher human development—“Evolutionaries”—have begun to lay the foundations for what some consider a new cultural paradigm.

    "Andrew Cohen is the most precise teacher of the essence of spiritual conscious evolution and its social contribution. He has identified the impulse of evolution as our own subjective yearning to create, and he has given us ways of cultivating that creativity as a spiritual path toward authentic selfhood. This is the growing edge of spiritual/social evolution, and he is on it." —Barbara Marx Hubbard

    "Andrew Cohen is a truly remarkable spiritual teacher on the cutting edge of evolutionary thinking and action. He and his students are playing and invaluable leadership role in the emergence of evolutionary spirituality: and integrity-based, deeply meaningful approach to life grounded in our best scientific understandings of cosmic, earth, biological, and human history." —Michael Dowd

On the Summer 2012 Being & Becoming Retreat, you will have the opportunity to meet and engage with Evolutionaries from across the globe. As you do, you may discover that you are not only able to experience a rarified degree of trust, transparency, and commonality with people you barely even know, but you’re also actively building a new culture through your own interest, participation, and, ultimately, individual transformation.

I see how it's possible to help catalyze a new collective way of being in the world that is really crucial for our times —Tom C.

Practical Details and Costs

Retreat photography: Tara Jones Photography

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