NowStreet’s Evolving Capital Markets & Crowdfunding Symposium

Atlanta, Georgia
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Evolving Capital Markets & Crowdfunding Symposium
New Legislation, New Markets, New Opportunities

NowStreet’s Evolving Capital Markets & Crowdfunding Symposium
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Nelson Mullins Conference Center
Atlantic Station, 201 17th Street NW, 18th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30363

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Our last few events were completely sold out.
Only ticket holders will be permitted into the building.


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Entrepreneurs, Crowdfunding enthusiasts & Investors from all across the globe will now be able to partake in the discussions & learn how to:

* Capitalize in a transforming market
* Successfully employ the crowd to fund a business
* Navigate the new regulatory landscape


Overview of NowStreet's Evolving Capital Markets & Crowdfunding Symposium

In this remarkable moment in history, the U.S. regulatory environment, its capital markets and the innovation that drives those markets are simultaneously on the threshold of extraordinary change. We are currently witnessing the embryonic period of a cutting-edge stock market, known as the Private Company Marketplace (PCM), which is being fueled by unprecedented advancements in mass communications and regulatory reform.


The passage of the “Jumpstart our Business Start-ups Act” (JOBS Act) amends fruitless regulation that has long stymied economic growth, oppressed small investors and gave large companies an unfair advantage accessing capital in the U.S. This legislation finally helps democratize the financial markets by giving our smaller investors and issuers a greater chance to prosper. There has never been a more opportune time for investors and small businesses to capitalize on change.


Join Rep Patrick McHenry, the Congressman known for introducing “The Crowdfund Act” which was recently passed as part of the JOBS Act; David Weild, Former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ and authority on market structure; experts on the JOBS Act; pioneers of the Crowdfunding movement, senior management of leading Crowdfunding & PCM platforms as well as key angels, incubators and offshore investors for indispensible insight into how this new law coupled with innovations in mass media is transforming our financial markets and giving rise to an abundance of new wealth-creating opportunities in the private markets.


Key Discussion Points Will Include:

Ø The demise of the small cap IPO and its consequences on job creation & economic growth

Ø How capital formation is being redefined

Ø How equity-based crowdfunding and peer to peer lending will revolutionize the marketplace

Ø How to legally and successfully crowdfund in the current environment

Ø Understanding the difference between Crowdfund investing, Crowdfunding & typical micro-cap investing

Ø How to handle changing cap tables

Ø How to communicate with an escalating shareholder base

Ø Using social media and other advances in communications to provide greater transparency

Ø Finding the ideal financing structure for your business/client

Ø Reaching overseas investors, angels &  incubators

Ø Private share transacting

Ø The settling & clearing of private shares

Ø Using retirement accounts to gain diversified exposure to some of the fastest growing private companies

Ø How the removal of the solicitation ban impacts investment bankers, issuers, hedge funds, the marketing & PR industry and investors

Ø How capitalism & humanitarianism can converge to form new investing philosophies

Ø How the reformation of capital will transform Wall Street, create jobs and rejuvenate the economy


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