Celent Securities & Investments Event Innovation in Focus: Eight Great Technologies in Fixed Income You Should Care About

New York, New York
Thursday, June 20, 2013
Celent Securities & Investments Event Innovation in Focus: Eight Great Technologies in Fixed Income You Should Care About
Thursday, June 20, 2013 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Oliver Wyman
1166 Avenue of the Americas
28th Floor, Empire Conference Room
New York, New York
United States

Objectives of the Day

To leverage Celent’s independent view on US fixed income trading technologies currently not on the radar screen of many financial institutions.  To learn Celent’s perspective on innovative technologies at various stages of development including early stage, beta and fully launched solutions.  To understand Celent’s opinion on technology irrespective of any commercial relationship. To have the opportunity to engage in an open and frank dialogue with representatives of profiled vendors in attendance.


Our clients are looking for where innovative new technologies and business models can be applied to stagnant industries. As a result, we have augmented our research agenda with coverage of innovative companies and technologies. We recently launched several new reports highlighting key areas within Securities & Investments where innovation is leading to market disruption. We are calling these reports Innovation in Focus notes.  The notes are in parallel with current coverage of market trends, industry regulation and IT vendor topics, which provide the important context and color for innovation. In addition, we have created a series of events where we will focus on innovative companies and technologies creating market disruption. Furthermore, this will not be ivory tower material. We will cover innovation topics we believe will actually lead to something meaningful and specific Join Celent as we examine innovative technologies and markets changing the US fixed income landscape with an emphasis on both cash and derivatives.  Engage with selected peers and learn how they are challenging the present market structure by establishing new venues, new technologies, and solving real problems across fixed income. Topics to be covered include technology supporting: new matching models, smart order routing, execution management, aggregation, etc.

This exclusive, invitation-only event is part of a series of targeted roundtables to be offered by Celent's Securities and Investments Practice that will focus on important topics of the day.  These private, closed-door sessions will be limited to select industry representatives and will not be open to the media.

Participants can expect key take-aways from the event, including a Celent presentation on ‘Eight Great Technologies’.


No fees have been charged or will be charged to any of the vendors in relation to this session. Some of the firms are or have been clients of Celent’s retained advisory service, but no preference will be given to current, former, or prospective clients. Attendance will be based on product type and market position.


NOTE: We are currently booked to capacity for this event and no longer accepting registrations.  For more information, please contact Andrew Renzella at arenzella@celent.com or +1.617.262.3124.



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