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Birmingham, Alabama
Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Master Scorecard¬Ě™ 

EAM Masters, LLC is the world’s leading provider of Virtual Training, Implementation and Certification Programs for Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM). Our unique expert-led, web-based process is the most efficient and cost-effective way for maintenance intensive organizations to fully implement Oracle eAM and busy professionals to truly master the application. With consultants skilled in both eAM and maintenance, we incorporate Asset Reliability best practice into everything.

The EAM Master Scorecard is the only true benchmark available for Oracle eAM.  It’s an inexpensive way to gauge how well your organization or site is getting full and productive use out of Oracle eAM and it’s integration with other EBS modules. It also includes a simple Maintenance Maturity Score™ that measures the extent to which your organization is using maintenance “best practices”. Over the past 5 years we’ve evaluated 30 plus companies using this system in precisely the same way.  So we now have a robust database of scores and data to benchmark your company against. For more details - Click the tabs at the top.

Who Needs a Scorecard™?
Any maintenance organization interested in improving their overall use of eAM and their maintenance practices and anyone that wants to know where they stand compared to the rest of the eAM community would benefit from completing a Master Scorecard™. For accurate results and rankings, representatives from every department directly effected by eAM (IT, maintenance, scheduling, etc.) should be involved in the assessment.

Pricing & Registration

Basic/Self Assessment  - 1-3 hour web meeting; expert administered; quick analysis comparisons and recommendations; based on user responses.
: Contact us today to set up a web meeting. This can usually be scheduled and completed within the next week.

Standard with Validation Reporting - 2-4 hour web meeting with more thorough investigations; validation of eAM use and practices; detailed analysis and recommendations.
Location: Online
: Contact us today to set up a web meeting. This can usually be scheduled and completed within the next 2-3 weeks.

Onsite Full Assessment - 2-3 day onsite visit with thorough investigation, interviews and observations; customized to the needs of individual organizations; complete analysis and recommendations with documentation.
Contact us today to set up a brief introductory web meeting. The detailed web meeting and onsite visit can usually then be scheduled within 2-4 weeks depending on location and details.
$4,995.00 (plus travel)




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