What if...

London, London
Wednesday, February 03, 2016
What if...
Wednesday, February 03, 2016 1:30 PM - 8:00 PM (GMT)

The Magic Circle
Centre for the Magic Arts
Stephenson Way
London, London NW1 2HD
United Kingdom

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Has the time come to plan a Broken Wand Ceremony for Insurance as we know it, or does the Industry still have a few tricks up its sleeve?

The insurance industry is based on some very old assumptions about how the world operates and the nature of risk. For centuries, we’ve insured and paid out against a loss. Let’s face it, life insurance is actually death insurance and similarly, car insurance is actually crash insurance. The world is changing fast and so is the nature of defining risk. The digital storm that defines this decade has these assumptions dissolving before our eyes.

What if cars don't crash? Where or what is the risk? What if it becomes the norm to live to be 110? Is life insurance still relevant? What if it becomes possible to really insure an individual, rather than a set of rating factors? How might the relationship with the customer change?

The new reality or smoke and mirrors?
Join us as we explore these scenarios, what they mean to the industry, and how emerging technologies are set to fast track these changes. External speakers will help broaden this perspective even further. Breakout sessions will allow for real learning and understanding around these issues, and spark some new ideas and our post-event networking drinks session will be a relaxed way to continue the conversations.

Who should attend? Anyone interested in understanding how the broader changes to our world impact insurance as a sector.

Why should YOU attend?

  • To gain a solid understanding of how the very ground of insurance is changing in this digital storm.
  • To learn firsthand how others are planning to weather the coming storm through a series of structured exercises
  • To network with your peers in a more relaxed, informal setting over drinks and canapés after the event
What if you delay?
Space is limited. Be sure to book your spot before it "disappears!"


Celent clients, insurers and the media can attend the event at no charge. Non-client vendors and consulting firms can attend for a registration fee of £395. Vendor and consulting firms are limited to three representatives. If you are unsure of your client status, or if you work for an insurance company and are not yet a Celent client, please contact Chris Williams in order to get a free guest pass to this event at
cwilliams@celent.com or +44 (0)782 448 3336.


For more information about Celent’s Insurance practice, please visit http://celent.com/research/insurance.


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